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Hi ladies; anyone else have an indoor cat? Ive had mine for ten years and have always been around cats. I wonder if there is any chance of catching a bug from my cat?

38 weeks and 2 days

My cat, whom we've had for over 6 years has always been an indoor cat up until my ds was born. Now he's a happy indoor/outdoor cat. cool
You should be ok.....Just don't change the kitty litter, I used to get my dh to do it. And obviously hand washing after touching your cat because even though it's indoors you still need to be carefull especially as they groom and lick themselves after using the litter box smile

Our cat is also indoor/outdoor and goes to the garden to toilet himself smile

I agree that the litter box is something to watch and I guess it's just common sense to wash your hands after touching animals (pregnant or not!)
Toxoplasmosis is one thing you can catch from your cat - it is a parasite that is passed through their faeces hence the whole avoiding litter trays. It wouldn't be likely that your cat would have it if it never goes outside to be exposed to it.
You also need to be careful if you do gardening as cats poo there too - not yours obviously but others.
Toxo can also be found in raw meat.
Hope this helps smile
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