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Compression Stockings Rss

Hi Everyone,
I am 24 weeks pregnant with my second baby. This pregnancy I am suffering from very bad Varicose Veins. I am looking at getting some compression stockings to wear during pregnancy.
I have been googling them heaps and can really only find a brand called SRC stockings and they are about $200 a pair. Closer to my due date I will look at also getting some 'recovery' stockings/shorts. These I am told I can get for under $50 from Kmart/BigW type places but I cannot find any actualy pregnancy ones anywhere online.
Any info you can give me on brands/sizing/experiences with compression stockings would be a great help.
Also if anyone has a second hand pair that they are no longer using (I am about a size 14) I'd be more than happy to look at purchasing from you!
Thanks to anyone that can help me

I wore Kathmandu travel socks throughout my pregnancy. Got them for about $15 each.
I wore TED stockings. about $30 They were white in colour - type in TED stockings in search box
l got my compression knee high socks from a chemist. The most important thing, whichever way you go, is to make sure they are fitted correctly. If they don't fit correctly, they can cause some damage to the skin. They should measure your calf circumference and length.

The TED's are what most hospital's use and are very good. l have heard of people letting them soak in cold tea in order to dye them from white to a tan colour!

l also had the SRC pregnancy shorts but more for pelvic instability. They worked brilliantly and they do resale really well on ebay!

Also, you'll be quite pregnant through summer (as was l with DD) and wearing knee high stockings was hard going. Just food for thought!

Most of my veins are actually on my upper legs and thighs and vulva. Oh and a big patch on either side just below my knees. So I am probably going to have to get shorts or full length stockings as I will need teh support up as high as it goes.
I also have minor problems with pelvic instability but no doubt that will get worse as the pregnancy progresses too.....
I will have to look into the TED ones though! Thanks

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