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Diet Shakes Lock Rss

I've always had diet shakes for breakfast. I stopped when I found out I was pregnant though. I have them cause I find it easier to sip at one while i'm getting my 4 little people ready for the day I found i'd forget brekkie if I was wanting cerial, as time just wouldn't allow it. I also enjoy the shakes! I have 50/50 vanilla & coffee.

I'm having cerial now but I want the shakes! And once school starts back I wont have time again to sit down for brekkie. And like I said I enjoy the shakes! I don't use them for weight loss just weight management and convenience.

I did google and found a sight that said they are ok (as long as you're not taking pregnancy vitamins, as the mix can give you too much of some vitamins) but I just want to make sure smile I will be checking with my ob before I do start drinking them again (if I do). A friend of mine was told by her ob that she should start replacing a meal a day with a diet shake but that was at about 25ish weeks as she was putting on too much weight.

Have any of you drunk diet shakes while pregnant?

No they aren't, alot have appetite suppresing type ingredients which are not good for pregnancy. I like having an Up & Go on occasion, why don't you drink them? smile

DS - Nov 2008 & DD - Feb 2012

what you could do instead of a shake mix is make your own smoothies in the morning?
I do that and add yogurt, fruit and oats plus milk and it makes for a filling breakfast!
I enjoy my morning smoothie compared to any other breakfast now!
Never thought of the smoothy thing. I'll try that, shouldn't take long to prepare. It's more the sitting and eating time than the preparation.

its so quick smile i enjoy mine while watching the young and the restless lol its on at 9am here.
just get what ever you want to put in them and chuck in the blender then all done!
Hope this works for u!
I always have some Weetbix Up N Go in the fridge for those busy mornings, don't know if they are an option for you instead of the shakes. Another one to check with the Doctor about.

I asked my mum the same thing as i was using practioner only shakes (mum is a naturopath), so no nasties in this brand of shake, but she said not while pregnant or breastfeeding.
But def give the smoothie a go. I freeze pre chopped fruit in sandwich bags, all diff sorts (so ready on hand). chuck in some skim milk, yogurt (lowfat and potset), bit of maple syrup if u like sweeter (just milk yogurt and syrup for a vanilla flavour) and to make is healthier for you and bub add some chia seed (its an omega 3) and whirrrrrrrr....ahhhh yummmmm

mmmmmm now i want one!

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I like Smoothie with Spinach, Strawberry and Bananas! My Favourite!
1 cup Strawberries
1 ripe Banana
3 ounces Baby spinach
½ cup Almond Milk
1 cup Water
here -
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