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Weight Loss during pregnany??? Lock Rss

Hi ladies,

I was just wondering if any other mum's or mum's to be have lost weight whilst pregnant??? I was overweight before I got pregnant and I am currently 17 weeks + 5 days and I have lost 6.5kg since I had my first appoint at 7 weeks. The doctor hasn't seemed worried as I have still been active and eating well but I am just a little worried as I would hate to be doing anything that could harm our lil bubba. I was even told by the doctor I could still maintain my 1500 calorie a day 'diet' and exercise like I normally would, even competing in a 12 km walk-a-thon in few weeks. I haven't been sticking to the calories, more like 2000 a day and some days it's more like 3000 but was wondering if anyone else has lost weight whilst pregnant???? Sorry for the long post ladies and thanks in advance for any help xxxx
As long as you are eating healthy and not dieting stupidly ( and your not) then its all good. Exercise is good too as long as you dont over exert(sp?) yourself. If you were exercising before the pregnancy then it would be ok to continue it on but if you were doing nothing at all then maybe take it easy. That walk sounds good, i walked alot while pregnant, daily in the last trimester and in the first 3 months i also lost weight, but i wasnt overweight, it was due to my terrible morning sickness.. but it soon piled on lol.
Good luck, the more you loose now the easier it will be afterwards. Especially if u have got into the healthy eating habit. smile
Thanks smile Yeh healthy eating is fantastic and I was doing all the exercise before I found out I was pregnant cause I was losing weight, this bubba is a big surprise but much loved already. Doctor didn't seem fazed by it either but guess it's just me being a worry wart smile THANK YOU XXXX
i lost alot of weight this time too, didnt lose my gained weight after #1 but after i got preg this time i dropped right down to my pre preg weight from before #1
I didn't put on heaps of weight with my previous pregnancies (12kg & 8kg) but this time I've sat on the same weight since falling pregnant. If I gain anything I soon lose it again. I've got about 9 weeks to go smile I haven't been eating great or excercising either so I'm a bit perplexed, I gained more some weeks doing the right things on Jenny Craig than being pregnant lol

Not all good though, I'm currently waiting on GD results so I may end up getting a kick in the butt soon to eat better and excercise now :/

Thank you to all you ladies that have replied. You have all put my mind at ease, especially knowing I am not the only person to lose weight whilst pregnant. I hope all your pregnancy's are going well. again THANK YOU smile smile
While pregnant with my daughter I lost weight especially around the last trimester of my pregnancy and had to keep with ultrasounds as doc wanted to make sure all was ok, Now everything great she was born 4kg and that was eight years ago. I wan't sick and still ate the same but just my body handling it even felt good.

This pregnancy was great I looked better when I gave birth to her then when I started the pregnancy, Honestly be alright if my next pregnancy is like this to.

What a relief to know that it's not just me!! found out I was pregnant only a week ago (currently about 5 weeks) and have lost 3kgs since ovulation. No morning sickness yet and I don't think my eating habits have changed at all really so have no idea where it's all going!! I think my baby is like an energy vortex. It's infinitely larger than it actually appears..... much like the Tardis. I wonder what dimmenion it has sent what's left of my body fat to!!??
hi there,
with both of mine after I had bubs I was 10 kilos below my prepregnancy weight.
Next time I will have to tell people not to bring bun everytime they visit! we would have people at morning tea and then afternoon tea as nobody would want to interrupt our lunch. I felt it was polite to eat some of what they bought or made, consequently I think I ate bun for the first few weeks....
Hi there

I lost 20kgs during my pregnancy with my now DD2 but I lost most of this after my 20 weeks mark, I was not very big and many people did not know that I was even pregnant as I was still wearing my clothes just with belly belts. I also had gestational diabetes and this helped with my losing weight even though I felt like I was always eating. I say good luck to you if you are doing all the right things then you will not be harming your lil bub smile
Hi Friends,
When my wife was pregnant she put on a 12 kg of weight. After her pregnancy she started following a fruit diet. Due to which she reduced her weight easy. Now she do yoga every day and follows a balance diet which keeps her healthy.
I lost weight during my pregnancy and in the end only gained a couple of kg throughout the entire pregnancy. Bub was an average weight. Healthy diet and good excercise is great, just don't do something you don't normally do ie a triathlon.
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