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What do you guys eat?!?!? Lock Rss

Dani + 1 wrote:
What I did was cook a whole lot of meals up and freeze them in separate plastic containers and just pull one out and take it to work where I would put it in the fridge and microwave it for lunch. Things like lasagne, stews, pasta bakes etc. I made a lot of salads too and just added the meat and dressing component just before I ate it.

I usually avoided deli meats, unpasteurised cheeses etc when I could, but I agree with salm - you should also use your brain a little bit. Take for example the choices pregnant women are presented with, say with meeting friends at a cafe. You are presented with a yummy healthy pre made chicken and salad sandwich which you can't eat because it is on the no go list, or a chocolate biscuit and a scone which you choose because of the reduced risk of listeria. Therefore filling your body with sugar and crap instead of healthy stuff. In that situation I actually chose the sandwich. Obviously in saying that you need to look at each situation on a case by case basis. I wouldn't be eating a sandwich from a roadside diner, but my local deli where I know the owner roasted the chicken that morning then I would eat that. So yeah - look at it, not just at the food in question but the place you are buying it from, and your other options.

In that situation I would just ask for a freshly made sandwich without meat or mayo if it had it. If they couldn't do it and had no other options I would go somewhere else.

(Noddy's not fat ffs!)

There are so many do's and don'ts in what to eat during pregnancy, make your life simpler and suggest you purchase a book titled Feeding the bump. It has heaps of recipes specific to the trimester of your pregnancy, it also includes snacks and desserts and the dinner menu is great for the while family. I totally recommend it, as sandwiches for 9 mths every day is going to be a drag.
I loved bacon when I was preggo but only if I could cook & eat it straight away. Also salad sandwiches. I'm lucky to have a chef for a partner so he would make me fresh mayo or aioli or other dressings for them

I ate dairy products, sweet potatoes, green vegetables, and lean meat more during pregnancy. Most of the health nutrition guide I got from health education for antenatal mother program.
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