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Time to ditch those plastic Easiyo containers... Lock Rss

It is true - I am part of that legion of devotees of Easiyo yogurt making at home. Cheap, simple, idiot-proof and no added rubbish.

However, my partner came home the other day and made a point of mentioning that he had heard on ABC local radio that there are bad health implications from repeatedly using plastic containers to generate yogurt in. The problem was that the yogurt cultures degraded the plastic over time and therefore made them more likely to harbour bad bacteria. Has anyone else heard this before???

I took one look at my much-loved 1 L plastic Easiyo containers and noticed they they were quite discoloured, compared with when they were new. After Googling ceramic and glass alternatives, I experimented and found that by using a Fowlers Glass jar (size 31), covered with a fresh chux wipe (held down by an elastic band) and with the red plastic Easiyo container lid jammed down on top, I could then easily fit the Fowlers Jar in my Easiyo yogurt maker and made a perfect 800 mL of yogurt as per usual.

So it might be worth ditching the plastic for the glass if you're a yogurt-making person. Unless anyone has heard to the contrary?
It is interesting. I recently started using easiyo again. May have to get a fowlers jar off my mum!

I've sent an enquiry to easiYo asking what the recommended use life of the 1L plastic containers are. Will keep you posted!
P.S. The radio guest suggested that clay containers were good to make yogurt in, as the clay discouraged the bacteria. I went for glass, which is pretty inert to most chemicals in low to moderate concentrations; there are huge discussions on the Net about clay pots for yogurt making - i gather the trick is to find ones that are salt-glazed, not lead-glazed (for obvious heavy-metal poisoning reasons).
Well, no response from Easiyo. Silence, I think, is not good - definitely time to start using those glass jars...
Hi, I know this is an old thread but does the Fowler Jar work well in the easiyo container?

Would like to start moving away from plastic and into glass.
Hi everyone, our yogurt maker including yogurt jar and all other containers are manufactured from US and UK FDA approved polypropylene grade. It is suitable to withstand boiling water temperatures (softening point 152?c. All parts are completely free from polycarbonate, BPA and any form of anti-environmental hormones. Yogurt culture will not be affected by the plastic material but it can be influenced by unclean container. So it's very important you thoroughly wash the 1 litre yogurt jar (but do not immerse the Yogurt Maker in water just wipe clean with a cloth as it is only boiling hot water that is poured into it) to minimize the contamination for yogurt culture growth.

Thanks, the EasiYo team
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