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gestational diabetes Lock Rss

Just wondering if anyone has any definite high or low foods that you can post for others to be aware of =)
The list they give us in clinic are all well and good but not every food us pregnant mums like to enjoy are on there!!
So if you have anything to add please do so..
This is my 5th pregnancy, second with gestational diabetes and i'm happy to learn new low items to add to my list of good foods =)
Yeah i know everyones different too as far as one food being low for someone but not so for another but every little bit helps!!
I'll just work it out on my own....
Hi Mamabear5!
Do you still need some ideas for low foods for diabetes?
I have found "Birds Eye" Oven bake lightly battered fish fillets are great for keeping your blood glucose levels down.Per fish fillet,it is only 8.4g of carbohydrate.I usually have 2 with a baked potato and some vegetables.They are really tasty!
Also "Sunblest"Wholemeal bread is a low food as well.Two slices of this bread is only 24.0g of carbohydrate.
Hope this helps you!!

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