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TMI - hurts to walk Lock Rss

Hey guys,
I'm not sure if this has been mentioned before but I'm 31 weeks pregnant and the last few days my vagina feels like it's been kicked, punched you name it! I feel it getting worse to the stage where it's uncomfortable to roll over in bed and walk.
Has anyone else had this or knows what it is? I never had it with my first bub!

Thanks smile
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Hi it's called pubis symphysis disorder and I've had it in all three pregnancies. It is so debilitating, I feel your pain! I have tried all sorts of compression shorts, belts, Physio, chiro, hot and cold packs, and I'm sorry to say that nothing works except rest and the only cure is birth! They say to try and keep your legs together as much as possible, such as getting out of the car, putting on pants and getting in and out of bed. As for rolling over in bed, excruciating! I would cry out in pain every time! Try to remember to bring your legs together and knees drawn up before rolling over. A pillow between them can also help. Not long to go now, just rest as much as u can!

I have been suffering so badly with this also. I can't move an inch without incredible pain. I had it with my last pregnancy too but nowhere near as bad as this time. It's so hard to explain to people. I was advised to stop walking for exercise which did make it a bit better but now that I'm almost at the end I'm in pain regardless.

I also had SPD with my first - excruciating. It started for me at about 26 weeks and got progressively worse until I gave birth. Just try to rest up, and avoid sudden and/or wide leg movements - in and out of car, high steps, etc.
I found warm water helped (shower though as getting in and out of the bath was too painful).
Move around in bed slllllowly!!!
Good luck, speak to your dr or midwife about it for more tips. It's a tough one, and no one quite knows the pain of it till they have been there.
Wow thanks everyone for replying. I didn't realize it was so common. I totally agree its so hard to explain to people the pain. I never had it before so that's why I was freaking out! It's crazy how each pregnancy is so different! Bring on 6 weeks ????
** I put a smiley face but ????? Came up oops
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