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Scared of most foods! Paranoid! Rss

Ah! I'm fed up of being told food is dangerous or unsafe by every other person who sees me eating!!! I am 21wks now with my first baby (can someone explain the codes you all use on this site DD etc?)

I have never had food poisoning in my life which makes me think that I must have pretty good common sense when it comes to food. I am really starting to get to a silly stage of paranoia about catching listeria. I'm worried about chicken, rice, rare meat, ham, anything that's been opened in my fridge for longer than a day, leftovers, unwashed fruit, salad in restaurants, desserts with alcohol in them (like when they put a tablespoon in an entire cake).

Can anyone cal me down and help me enjoy my food again? Or on the other hand reassure me that I am right to be worried?
Lol, knew youd have that abbreviation thing on lock MO, I remember you helped me when I 1st started up on here. Lol. I was lost. Lol

Ok, well this is MY OWN OPINION so if others read, don't judge.
Ive never gotten food poisoning in my life ever and as long as I know its fresh (never over a day old I still eat it during pregnancy).
All my children were born healthy but in saying all of this, I think its 'each to their own'. Everyones different and I do understand why people worry but sometimes I feel its a little overboard.
Don't think I helped at all. Lol but goodluck. Lol smile

^^ AWESOME advice Hope and Hysteria!!!

Hope and Hysteria pretty much has it covered there.
I'll just add to avoid shell fish unless they are green prawns cooked to order and served hot (or cooked yourself). Nothing served cold.
With meat you don't have to have the crap cooked out of it but the centre must be hot. So if its a good chef they will start your steak (for example) on the grill, transfer to the oven to finish cooking to at least medium then rest it well so it will be closer to medium/well but hot right through. So basically if your at a good restaurant it's fine, you can explain to them what you need (most chefs understand the needs of pregnant women) but just don't go to the local pub and order a steak medium as they're more likely to just slap it on the grill for a bit and straight on a plate. For home, buy good quality meat. Don't buy rump steak, it has very little fat. You need fatty cuts of meat as the fat will melt into the meat while cooking and keep it tender even if you cook it well done. Go for something like and eye fillet. It's worth the extra money.
Also don't eat sushi.

I just tried to eat a healthy diet and didn't avoid anything, I was just sensible with leftovers.
I had loads of comments and just chose to ignore them smile

All good advice, your immune system is suppressed while pregnant so you are more prone to the bugs.

I followed the government advice given to me by my dr, like already said it is only for a short time and I wouldn't have been able to live with myself if something hadn't been right with th bub if I had eaten something I shouldn't.
The thing about listeria is that it is in a lot of things that we eat, but for the normal healthy, non pregnant person, it's not a huge risk. When you are pregnant however, listeria can cause miscarriage, still birth and birth defects. It is actually quite rare, however, if you are the rare case, the consequences are devastating.

That's not to say you should be absolutely paranoid, simply to be sensible and avoid high risk foods such as the soft cheeses, pretty much anything out of a deli, soft serve ice cream etc.

In terms of leftovers and meats, if something is cooked above 70 degrees for 2 minutes, listeria is killed. So if you're eating your leftovers just make sure you give it a really good zap in the microwave

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