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Hey all,
I've done some googling, but I can't come up with any specific answers to my questions. Around 28 weeks I took the 1 hour GD test, and I failed by 0.1... (dumb!!) so I was sent to take the 2 hour around 30 weeks, which I also failed by 0.1!! (SO DUMB!!). So two days ago I finally got my hospital appointment, and I've got one of those lovely finger prick machines to test my blood just before eating and 2 hours after eating. So far the levels are all around the same, but I don't know what that means (if they're low, high, crazy, etc!). I am due to see the lady again on Wednesday, but frankly I'm impatient and curious.

If you've had it, what were your numbers?

Currently directly before eating and 2 hours after eating my numbers are always between 4.0 and 6.2

I haven't seen the dietician yet, and I'm not on a specific diet, but I am eating relatively healthy, and I'm certainly not scoffing bags of candy wink

If you could help, I would love it! Its no big deal, I would just love to know if I'm bad, or good, or fine, or horrendous!

Thanks in advance <3
Hi there, I had gd with my second bubba. Levels under 7 is what you're aiming for 2 hours after eating smile The only meal I had to prick before a meal was breakfast and my levels then were normally between 4-5.

THe dietitan will be able to tell you more info but it's basically healthy eating, low gi and counting how many carbs you're having. But sounds like you're on the right track. You can treat yourself here and there like I used to have a choccy frog occasionally, every 3-4 days. Also eating regularly is important as are snacks. Just go for healthy ones like fruit, glass of milk with 2 tsp milo, raisin toast, vita weets with cheese etc. I also made sure I carried a snack with me in my bag like Be natural muesli bar or a little bag of dried fruit and nuts for when you were out and about during snack times.

Good luck with it all. I only just failed as well but I think they've tightened the guidelines which means it's easier to fail too.

I had GD with my DS. I used to have to test my blood sugars when I woke up in the morning and 1 hour after eating a meal. The levels have to be below 5 before breakfast and below 7 after a meal. It is a bit of a pain sometimes as I had to chart exactly everything I ate and then take it with me to all my hospital appointments. I never ended up on insulin which was great so I still managed to look after myself through diet alone. GD can mean that you are prone to having a bigger baby, I had a scan at 36 weeks and they said my son was getting too big so I was induced at 38 weeks and he ended up weighing 8 12 oz. The dietition will give you lots of info about what and how much you can eat, its not just about watching carbs. Good luck
acceptable levels may depend a bit on your dr. I've had GD with all 3 pregnancies and with DD1, DS and for the first part of my pregnancy with DD2 my hospital said I had to be 5.4 or under when I first woke up in the morning and then be 6.8 or under 2hrs after a meal. I moved part way through my pregnancy with DD2 and my new dr wanted my levels to be under 5.0 (5.0 wasn't acceptable) when I first woke up and then under 6.7 after meals. Sounds like your levels are doing well so far and you'll find out more information about what to make sure you're including in meals at your dietician's appointment.

I was the same as you when I was diagnosed with GD with DD1, they said I was 0.1 over the 'acceptable cut off' which was frustrating but I went on to manage it well with diet. With DS and DD2 I was diagnosed earlier in the pregnancy because I was tested earlier and with DS I managed diet only for the whole pregnancy, DD2 I was diet only until I moved and saw my new dr, I just couldn't get my fasting levels low enough for her liking so had to take a little bit of insulin at night to help manage it but my levels after eating etc were still fine and I didn't need insulin through the day.

Angelswings07 - Sounds like you're doing really well. I'm pretty sure the initial cut off from the test in NZ is a little more lenient than in AUS (from talking to other mums on Huggies), but i'm not sure about the acceptable levels throughout pregnancy. All sounds good to me though!

Just wanted to make a comment though! It always surprises me how if you just pass the test, nobody monitors you at all, where you are not that different to those who just fail if you get what I mean!

Even though you only just fail, you are not really treated that differently to those whose failed by a long way where if you just pass, that's it, you're all good! Just don't get it!

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