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sex, gestational diabetes and exercise- your opinions please Lock Rss

Hi all

I am 8 weeks 5 days pregnant with baby number 2. I had a chemical pregnancy/early miscarriage in January (around 5 weeks).

Anyway, the OB I am currently seeing is saying:

A) no sex until about 14 weeks (we never did that with DD1 but after the CP which happened to occur day after having sex, we aren't doing it anyway as we are too nervous). I had never heard this before.

B. not too much exercise as it takes the blood away from the uterus where it is obviously needed. I was pretty active before pregnancy and again am playing it safe at the moment but plan on return to exercise in 2nd trimester, everywhere I have read says its safe, what the dr said is the first I've ever heard!

Now I had gestational diabetes with DD1 ( genes totally against me), and was told at the time I would be closely monitored when i get pregnant again, which brings me to

C) dr said no need to test any earlier then a normal pregnancy. This concerns me as i would've thought i would get tested earlier this time.

Thanks to all who can enlighten me on the above. Anyone think I should get a 2nd opinion?
I can enlightehn you on c smile I had gd with my second pregnancy and my Dr said next time I would do the gtt at around 26 weeks - so about 4 weeks earlier. I would query this with your Dr hun or just say you want to do the test earlier.

Not sure about the others, I hadn't heard that about exercise either only that you shouldn't get your heart rate up too high

Thanks for your reply smile

Can anyone else please help?
I'm certainly no doctor so I can only comment in my past experience.

A. My doc always said there was no issue having sex at any point in the pregnancy except for after your waters have broken.
B. Both OBs have strongly promoted exercises and with both babies I worked out until I popped, late in the second trimester backing off on the running and cycling classes.

I had diet controlled gd with our 4th baby so they said that if I ever got pregnant again that I would need to have an early GTT done so I had to have one done at 6 weeks and turns out that I have gd this time round but I have to have the 2 different types of needles, one three times a day and one just before I go to bed
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