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Morning sickness at 9 weeks Lock Rss

Hi all,
I'm 9 weeks pregnant with my first, morning sickness has been such a downer. I've actually thrown up quite a bit in past few days, the other day was the worst! Anyway, it's at the point where I don't even want to leave the bed. I hardly eat anything at all, usually I have a banana in the morning and that's it. Yesterday I was snacking on Salada's which seemed to help a little but at times they seem to make me want to throw up.
Where I live has been quite hot, so I have feeling that has to do with why I'm sick, as my body feels quite hot also. I drink lots of water! I've actually been freezing it, due to the hot weather, which has also been helping a little.
My stomach seems to growl quite a lot, but again, I just don't feel like eating anything at all. I feel like if I eat, it'll come back up again.
My partner bought me morning sickness tables, which started to work but not so much anymore, I took one the other day and throw up within 5 minutes of taking it, so I don't think my body agrees with ginger. Either way, I'm too worried to take another one in case the same thing happens.

I'm totally unsure of what to do and how to deal with this.
Any ideas to help?

Hi, I'm currently 11weeks with my first & morning sickness has been an issue for me since 6 weeks.

I know exactly how you feel with the wanting to stay in bed, sometimes the best thing to do is rest, I found myself to be quite exhausted and I too am in the hot weather at the moment so it makes me even more tired.

As for the throwing up I spoke to my doctor last week because I was concerned about the not eating & yes my stomach was growling but i just couldn't keep anything down. My dr advised that fluids are more important and if you can't eat that is ok. But saying that don't skip too many days, when your hungry eat whatever it is you want but eat slowly I found that helps.

Hope that helps a little it might not make sense I seem to forget what I'm doing halfway through haha
MOrning Sickness is the worst. Hopefully it will sibside for you after the 12 weeks mark. In the meantime try and snack a lot on dry biscuits and sip water. Also helps are ginger and peppermint tea.

If you feel that you can't hold anything down see your OB or GP about possible help.
I'm sorry your suffering with morning sickness, I was unlucky & had it my entire pregnancy & it was quite bad as I had to go to hospital multiple times.

Best advice is to eat, eating stops you feeling sick, I know its so hard to eat. Everyone tells you to eat dry crackers, but I found just eat anything you can.

I would also advise you to go & see your dr & get some anti-nausea tablets, they are a life saver. At this stage bubs is fine as they take whatever they need from your body stores. But if you are still not eating properly by 14 weeks, you will have to see a dietician as both you & bubs will start to suffer.

Hope things improve for you soon.

I'm nearly 8 weeks pregnant with my second bub, I feel your pain! I've just posted nearly the same thing you did on here to try and get some answers! Every time I eat somthing, it just wants to come back up sad
I'm over it, it's been going on since I found I was pregnant at 4 weeks. The nausea is a killer.
I'm finding I have to take sick days off work because I'm just constantly throwing up sad
If anyone can give us some tips.. Please do!!!!!!

I drank ginger tea for morning sickness. It worked for me.
same here. ginger and eating watermelon worked for me


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