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Stretch Mark Prevention Lock Rss


Does anyone use any stretch mark creams etc that are good??

I currently use organic coconut oil (I use this all over my body inc tummy).

I have heard Rosehip oil or Shea Butter is good too?

Also, a brand called Skin Juice has Mummy's Tummy? I use the skin care but have not tried this. Has anyone used this before?

If you'd like to read more on Stretch Marks, we have a great article on our site about prevention and treatments. Good luck!
I used palmers cocoa butter for stretch marks have none and used toward end of preg only say three times week
I used mustella. Im prone to stretch marks didnt get any from pregnancy. In saying that i didnt get overly big
Nutritious diet and exercise. Get your blood flowing to assist the healing / regeneration process. I got stretch marks on my legs with my first child when I didn't do any exercise. Since then I did exercise and got no further stretch marks and I was much older and bigger with my last 2 children.
Taking multi-modal approach for prevention of stretch marks is always a better option. First of all, eat balanced diet and drink lots of water. It helps your skin keep naturally hydrated. Moisturise, I am not sure about with what, but I used cocoa butter during my first pregnancy. Many ladies are happy with bio oil results too. Its smell is very soft, clean and kind of pretty. Last thing is keeping your weight in the standard range and EXERCISE!!! Sadly, for few, genetics plays a role too.
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