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Keeping fit during pregnancy is highly important. Most doctors say it is better to the muscles of your abdomen really tight and firm. We all know pregnancy puts some strain on the body and it's better to be fit and healthy. Most women prefer brisk walking and yoga to keep fit during pregnancy. Some women who were gym freaks before conceiving still continue their normal workout routines. The absolute exception is for women who have high-risk pregnancies also women with a history of previous miscarriages.These women aren't advised to work out during pregnancy. What of if a woman is placed on absolute bed rest? How does a woman that is placed on bed rest keep fit? The only thing I can suggest in this case is to eat as healthy as possible and follow the instructions of her doctors. Any suggestions on keeping fit during pregnancy? Are there any foods to absolutely avoid during pregnancy. I read also that shea butter is useful in preventing stretch marks during pregnancy. Does anyone have any other tips or tricks for expectant mothers? please share your thoughts and ideas.
On the point of exercise you should always do what you done before pregnancy and never exceed this. I would suggest daily mild walks for exercise beginners
Hi welcome dear. I want to appreciate your awareness about health. This is good sign that you want to take proper awareness about health during pregnancy. This is golden opportunity in every woman’s life. You also celebrate this memorable event with joy. I am here for you provide all effective way to keep yourself fit and healthy during pregnancy this is not beneficial only for you but also profitable for your baby. I am feeling happy to help you so all of your doubt on behalf of my own expense to keep yourself fit and healthy during pregnancy.
I got full husband spot at this crucial moment in my life. We consult with popular gynecologist of Ukraine to get easy and effective fitness tips during pregnancy. You should follow all fitness rules in easy and effective way with proper safe and secure way. I also follow all tips and tricks very strictly and see magic effect in painless delivery. You can start with early morning walk. You can increase distance according to your endurance and capacity this is the best way to provide proper blood supply to all organs of body. You can do some little stretching exercise that helps you to reduce your body extra fat. You can take rich fiber and iron supply food that provide all nutrition to your body and enhance your hemoglobin level that is most profitable situation for you to keep yourself fit in natural way. I hope you get better information to clear all your doubts and get maximum positive benefit with healthy baby gift like me.
Keep healthy and stay fit

I read of Facebook that Preggi Bellies is coming out with a new pregnancy exercise DVD. I did their first one with my pregnancy and it was fantastic. Wondering if anyone knows when the new one is coming out.
Hello Alisa_vee, I think you should walk daily. And also do some light exercise and yoga.
Always follow your dr or midwife's advice! I was probably an intermediate level runner before bubs, but during pregnancy i was allowed to go on light jogs, so i did that every second day probably. Light preg friendly yoga was also calming and helpful for me - i did that once a week! I was pretty careful about not eating too much fruit as I didn't want my sugar levels to increase too much.
Hello dear. I am very glad that you are aware about your health properly. There are many important things and point to consider during the pregnancy. It is a good sign that you want to keep your health fit and fine during the pregnancy. On this forum many women visit to know about the diet plan and health. I am here to provide you beneficial and important things that can help in conceiving the baby healthy and lovely. When it comes to take care about health during the pregnancy, first thing comes into my mind is taking the health meal daily. Your story sounds similar to me and I was very conscious about health when I was pregnant. A healthy and lovely baby conceives when you keep the mind positive and remove the negative points from your mind. You need to take the rest properly and do not take the stress anymore. I am feeling glad to share my discussion with you and you can consult to Lotus Clinic more about the diet plan and other useful tips to pass the pregnancy stage. It is very helpful for you and you won’t face the trouble during the pregnancy.
It is very important for you to take the rest properly. You should not lift the heavy things. To keep the mind fresh and positive you can go for the morning walk daily and do some exercise. It helps in keeping you fit and you can easily conceive the baby naturally. You can get the best result within short time. It help in balancing the hormones and boost the immunity system. You can eat the green leafy vegetables and iron rich meal daily. All the best and stay blessed.
Hi, It is really a unique post. It will help many women. Well, In pregnancy, I think taking care of your health is very important. I know it a bit difficult to maintain the healthy routine. But healthy is the main factor to be taken care of. Bed rest is important for a woman. Secondly, a healthy intake of food is important too. Yoga and exercises are vital for a woman to keep herself healthy. So if these things are kept in mind, it would really help you.
You are right, I think people should know this. Well, in pregnancy a woman should take care of her health. Pregnancy puts a strain on the body and that is why keep yourself fit and healthy. Try to go for gym and brisk walk. Yoga is also necessary. It eliminates the chances of miscarriage. I think that healthy food should be added to the diet. I hope that this would help our mommy to be.
Well, In pregnancy a woman health is taken into consideration. A woman should keep herself happy and calm. I know that she sometimes goes through pain too. But some important steps should be taken. Pregnancy puts stress on the body so you should keep yourself healthy and calm. Go for yoga and exercises. Fruit juices can also help you out. Use these to be healthy so your baby will be healthy too.
I also think that the stress affects the fertility. If there is not a big medical problem for infertility probably the stress is a reason for infertility. That's why couples should relax. They must about problems but not to think about it all the time. Sometimes everything works out for the best when you stop worry. Long walks, massages sport helps to relax. I know some couples that tried to get pregnant and almost give up. And when they least expected they succeed.
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