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Getting Back in to exercise at 19 weeks Lock Rss

So I am currently 19 weeks pregnant with my first baby. Pregnancy going pretty well at this point. I did have some mild nausea from about 6 weeks to 15 weeks. Prior to being pregnant I was very active. Running twice or three times a week and doing HITT and circuit training as well. Since about the 6 week mark when I found out I was pregnant and also become slightly sick I stopped going to the gym as quite frankly just could not be bothered. I checked with midwife regarding going to gym and she said it was fine if I kept it sensible. I finally feel like I can go back and do some low intensity cardio like incline walking and some very light resistance training. For some reason I feel like I am putting baby at risk even by doing that. Has anyone else been in the same boat? And what did they do?
Hello annemorgan. First of all congratulation for being pregnant. And i would like you not to be worry soo much about it.
Hello ! I am happy to hear that your are going well with your pregnancy.It is one of the best feeling.And abour excercise I would like to suggest you to do only light excercise which will not harm baby.Heavy gym may harm your baby.
Heavy exercise and fast running is harmful for your baby. Only do normal morning and evening walk. It's good for both of you

Not at all, honey. Exercise is good for health. It is very beneficial for your baby. Even at the time of delivery, you will have less pain. Do not overburden yourself. Just do normal exercise. It will keep you fresh. You will even feel fresh. All the best for your safe pregnancy.
Congratulations! Very happy to know about your pregnancy. In most of the cases, it’s ok to continue slight exercise and walk. You did the right thing to ask your midwife about that if you really plan to join a gym. I would recommend you to get advice from some trainer who has experience dealing pregnant women. It’s always better to be careful. Wish you successful pregnancy.
Hey Anne! Congratulations! You're so lucky. This is something every girl wants since childhood, her own baby.Exercise is not bad for your pregnancy, but high-intensity exercises can be a problem for you. So I will suggest you to do exercise but avoid a high-intensity workout. Good Luck hon!
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