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I could not stop my tears shedding. The pain is killing me. I really feel shame to discuss my problem. I’m sharing here because no one knows me. I had a pain in my lower abdomen and uterus. It is too insane pain. I decided to talk to doctor about it. They took ultrasound and different and different examination. The results show that there is sign of endometriosis. And I think it will damage my fertility also. Now I’m searching the best clinic for the treatment. I’m depressed and hopeless. Can someone please help me about this. Any advice will be useful. It would be great if you please pray for me. Thanks.
Endometriosis is a type of common problem that is seen in most working women because their routine is irregular. Stress is also the cause of this disease. But this does not mean that it only happens to working women, this disease also affects domestic women. Those whose life is stressful and depressed, this disease is seen more in them. This disease becomes even more dangerous because some women think that pain is a common problem when developing sex. Researches have found that the women who have endometriosis are 21 to 44 % are infertile and 4 to 22 % are fertile. Don't feel shame and consult with a doctor or Gynae Expert as soon as possible..

I have been having them all afternoon. I had to do the same as you and lay down, I put cream on my belly and spent some time rubbing it in that help lots. For expert advice consult BioTexCom clinic in Ukraine as I did.
Hi dear. I can understand your concern. He should be very supportive. All you guys need is the moral support to each other. However, if he is behaving like this then you should try to talk to him. You should try to get close to him. Just find out what is the actual problem. Has he gone tired or what? Make him comfortable in sharing everything with you. Make him sure that there are many couples struggling with it. Once everything will be over you will have your baby in your hand. Tell him how much you want a baby. Let him understand that baby will bring joy to your life. I am sure he will understand you. Maybe he is struggling with something else. In all the cases you need to talk to him. All the best to you.
hey! hugs to you dear!
it's tough to share how I feel for you buddy!
I know that's painful. but being under stress all the time would make that even more worst.
you should consult your doctor.
I don't know any of them so I won't be able to help you out.
but you could search some of them on the internet.
go to their official website. and you might have some of the options to select one.
stay strong. love.
Hi, it really feels me sad reading your thread. Don’t feel like this. This is none of your fault. It is the problem of every 1 woman from 6. The problem is spreading widely nowadays. This is also creating anxiety among the couples as well. because it is also creating infertility issues as well. but there are many solutions came to know to the people. Medical science has made much more development in this regard. Don’t be so upset. Consult to a good fertility clinic. It will be fruitful for you. a lot of best wishes to you in this regard.
This post reminded me of my experience. I also have endo. Unfortunately, yes, it does affect fertility. I'm so sorry to tell you this. I'm even more sorry to see you go through what I did. I was diagnosed with endo a little too late. It is still possible to get PG with endo. Have you taken any treatment? Mine was diagnosed too late. That's why I had to get a hysterectomy. It was the end of my TTC. We went for surrogacy then. We went for European clinics. They were less expensive and very friendly. Good luck coping up with this.
Hi. I just wanted to update on my last comment here. My baby girl turned two. The baby I conceived from surrogacy, remember? Now she says gibberish words. It's the cutest thing ever! I'm so thankful to whoever invented surrogacy! What are your updates, people?
No need to feel ashamed love. It isn't your fault. It is a problem. There is a fix for it. Just search for some affordable clinics. I have heard Europe has great services. Check if it works for you. Just dont loose hope. I am sure everything will be alright. Baby dust your way.
Please don't blame yourself. This is not your fault. I would recommend you to contact a clinic. Please just don't email Lotus. They haven't replied to me yet. So chances are they won't reply you either. You can contact the one I am in touch with. I will send the contact details in the inbox.
Hi dear, please don't is not a bed of Roses. Ups and downs are part of life. The primary symptom of endometriosis is pelvic pain, often associated with your menstrual period. Please don't lose hope. I suggest you go to Eastern Europe for your treatment. I have heard a lot about them. They provide the best facilities for it.wish you best of luck.
I am so sorry, my friend. First of all, there's nothing to be shameful about. It's not like you did something purposely. It's just destiny. And you have no option other than accepting it. So face all this bravely. Don't blame yourself. And don't take any kind of stress. Everything's going to be fine. Just be patient. Did you consult your doctor regarding this? I am sure she'll be able to help you out. A doctor's advice can be very useful. It would be good if you visit your doctor. I hope everything gets fine soon. All the best to you.
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