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Are relaxation massages safe during pregnancy? Lock Rss

I'm 12 weeks pregnant. Is it safe to have a relaxation back and foot massage?

Thanks in advance!
Hey Tiffany! Congratulations for being pregnant! There is absolutely nothing wrong in getting a massage during pregnancy. In fact, it helps you in calming down. The more relaxed you are the more happier is the baby, inside your tummy. However, do still ask your doctor and take his/her advice. Also make sure to let them know the products that will be used during the massage, so that he/she can let you know whether they're safe to be used during pregnancy.
Hi Tiffany! Asked about relaxation messages during pregnancy, as far as I know, there is no harm in that. Actually, they are very helpful to feel relaxed. You should consult you first of all, and look for some mass ageist who are trained for pregnancy. I hope it will help you.
Hi Tiffany, Congratulation on covering 1 month of successful pregnancy. (I hope that's about the time elapsed since your post and the good news.) So, how's it going so far? With the little one inside? I don't think, the massage would harm you anyway during this period. In fact, you should have it regularly. Especially, post-delivery. You will need it certainly. You know, to recover from the loss of health. And to alleviate the many aches you will be having. I don't mean to dread you, dear. Just be comfortable with the facts. And be prepared. Love. xx
Well, I don't think there is any issue or harmfulness in it. More importantly, I can assure that foot massages are cool. But, it's different tho if you're having back massages...I think you should get consulted with your obs for it. I still think it won't be a problem. But, you know a little recommendation would be nice for you. Stay blessed xx
Many pregnant women have been told that during the first-trimester massage must be avoided. Massage has wonderful health benefits for our overall well being. When under the care of a Certified prenatal massage therapist, pregnancy massage is not only safe but can be completely beneficial to mom and baby during the first trimester. Many of these misconceptions are due to practitioners receiving contradictory information, or from a simple lack of knowledge, fear and sadly for liability concerns.
Hi there. How are you? Congratulations on pregnancy. Massage doesn't have any effect on pregnancy until it's on the concerned area. Relaxation massage on foot and hands are preferable. I wish you all the best. Take care of your diet and health.
Hi Tiffany, congratulation! There is no harm in doing massage during pregnancy. Actually, it’s very relaxing. But better check with your doctor first and take the services of some expert person who has specialization dealing with pregnancy. Wish you safe healthy pregnancy. Keep updating on your progress
Large portions pregnant ladies need to be been let that Throughout that first-trimester slaughter must a chance to be avoided. Backrub needs eminent wellbeing reductions to our general great continuously. At under the mind of a confirmed prenatal back rub therapist, pregnancy back rub will be not best sheltered Be that as could a chance to be totally valuable with mother What's more baby Throughout the in the first place trimester. A lot of people about these Confusions are because of professionals getting opposing information, alternately from An basic absence of knowledge, dread What's more Unfortunate for obligation worries.
Hey there Tiffany! First of all Congratulations!!! And yes Massage is safe for you, it won't affect your pregnancy, but it also depends if you massage on the concerned area, then maybe yes. But I will suggest you to check with your doctor first.
I would recommend you try a non-standard massage, namely erotic. We all perfectly understand that in your position it will be much more pleasant and useful for you. Especially in Australia you can learn it on this website As I know, there are very positive reviews and recommendations about this type of massage.
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