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How to stay fit during pregnancy Lock Rss

Thanks for sharing this with us. This is absolutely right. Women must join a gym. They must keep on exercising. It is very important for mom's health. Also for the baby. I would also recommend it for all the pregnant ladies.
This is very right. Apart from maintaining a healthy diet, It is important for a pregnant lady to keep herself healthy. It can be done by joining a gym. And, maintaining the body fit. Exercise is also very important. This is going to help in having a safe delivery too. The baby is going to be active too. Wishing a good luck to all the mommies to be!
Thanks for sharing this information with us. We should keep uploading such posts. We should provide pregnant women with tips. So that they stay physically fit. Many women do a lot of work which is not good. While some women only relax and don't do any work. That is even wrong. They should maintain a balance, I think.
Hey! How are you? I hope you are doing well. Thanks for uploading this post. It's so amazing how people help each other on this forum. I really appreciate this fact. We should keep giving useful information to others. Thanks to you as well.
Hello there. Exercise is also very important. This is going to help in having a safe delivery too. The baby is going to be active too. Wishing a good luck to all the mommies to be. Take care.
Hi Arlene, well I totally agree with your point of you. It is very much important for pregnant women to maintain their fitness. Women have to do exercise. Secondly, massage is also a very good way of relieving stress. It's also very important for women's health. Wishing every mom GOOD LUCK and stay healthy.
Yes! Quite helpful and accurate. You're right! It's really always so important to keep yourself healthy for the baby too. Stay blessed! Keep going! Take care! I am sending baby dust to all the ladies who are trying here. smile
I'm 10 weeks pregnant and am just so tired. Before I fell pregnant I was going to gym today 3 X times a week so fit and healthy.
Now I'm so exhausted and find it so hard to drag myself to the gym across the road from my house! I take all my vitamins and eat well.
I'm really hoping the 2nd trimester is different.
I'm sure this is normal but I can't help but feel guilty.
Many of the women are concerned about your body's appearance and fear of gaining weight during pregnancy. However, as you feed two people, this is not the time to cut calories or go on a diet. Both you and your baby need the baby to grow properly with certain nutrients. If you eat a variety of healthy foods, drink plenty of water, and reduce junk food, high fat will help you and your baby grow healthy.

Exercising during pregnancy is good for your health if you have no pregnancy complications and choose suitable activities. Doctors generally recommend activities with a low impact such as walking, swimming, and yoga.

Gaining plenty of rest during pregnancy is important. Try to get the habit of “SOS” (sleep on side) during the first months of pregnancy. As pregnancy progresses, the most comfortable position will be to lie on your left side and knees bent. It will make it easier for the heart to function as the weight of the baby will not exert any pressure on the vein that carries blood back to the heart from the feet and legs.

Such an important topic! I'm glad someone is talking about this. Most women forget about themselves. It's really crucial to stay fit. Yoga can be a really healthy exercise. A healthy diet is imperative. Thank you for talking about this.
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