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Magnesium for aura migraines Lock Rss

Hi, I’m not sure if this is in the right area but hopefully it is smile (if not can someone please let me know the best place to post?)

I’m 10 weeks pregnant and before pregnancy suffered really bad visual aura migraines. I hadn’t had one for over a year so I was hoping they were gone for good but in the last week I have had 2 really bad auras sad thankfully they haven’t really had a bad headache follow them but loosing my vision for half an hour to an hour isn’t ideal either especially while at work! I spoke to my obstetrician who said magnesium is safe to take during pregnancy as taking that in the past has seemed to help (not sure if it will now) but I’m not sure what one to take. I have a powder one that I usually take but it has other ingredients in it that I’m not sure on their safety during pregnancy. So after that super long story my main question is what magnesium supplements has anyone taken during pregnancy? I’ll check everything with my OB first it’s just great to have an idea of what others have found to be safe smile

Thanks! X
Hi Tish! I'm also 10 weeks today. I never suffered from headaches before (let alone migraines) but in this 1st trimester I'm starting to suffer from headaches and dizziness. It's due to blood sugar and blood pressure levels dropping. I work in pharmacy and I know a great brand of magnesium that is suggested for use in pregnant women. It's a practitioner only range called Bioceuticals Ultra Muscle Ease Night. The night formula doesnt have anything sedating or anything, just some amino acids that can help with sleep, like Inositol. It doesnt contain B group vitamins, as you're probably already taking a pregnancy multi that contains those, so you don't want to double up on B's. Have a look on the Bioceauticals website. It is listed under Pregnancy and definitely consult with your doctor to make sure it's ok for you first. It can be found at the back counter prescription area, you will need to ask for it. It's available at Chemist Warehouse. Hope that helps. L.P
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