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Girls, what are you taking vitamins? Lock Rss

Hello everyone. I'm pregnant again. Mixed feelings ... it happened unplanned. I have a daughter, she is 2 years old. But still I'm glad.
Girls, what are you taking vitamins? I already forgot everything smile
Usually I order drugs through the application,
but I do not know what to take.
And use something from stretch marks?
Hi there, I am taking Elevit at the moment (I’m about 4 weeks pregnant) which is a specific pregnancy vitamin. I think the most important things are folic acid and iodine but ofcourse most vitamins/minerals are important to help grow that baby! I also take a vitamin C to help keep my immune system up and a fish oil as I don’t eat fish smile Congrats on your pregnancy, I’m praying mine sticks!
Hey. Many congratulations to you. I hope you are doing good. Please take care of yourself. You need to be healthy to keep your child healthy. It is so good to see when women like you tell their stories. I remember my time when I found out that I was infertile. It was indeed a very hard phase of my life. I know how much it took to deal with it. But I did. I survived. The only bad experiences I got were from particular clinics. Including one named Lotus. They were the first ones I approached. They never responded to any of my calls and my emails. I was so broken. And devastated. A little support was all I wanted back then. But oh well. I hope none of you come across such insensitive people.
Thank you very much for your congratulations roll eyes I started taking Elevit too.
The last pregnancy was using Weled? oil from stretch marks on the skin. I'll probably try this one again. Girls, I wish everyone an excellent mood, it is very necessary in our situation smile
By the way someone went to yoga for pregnant women? Did you like it?
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