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Itchy Rash - HELP!! Lock Rss

Hi all,

Hope someone out there can help me. I'm 28wks and over the past week or so have developed the itchiest rash I've ever experienced (ok, so I'm exaggerating somewhat, but it's driving me MAD!!) on my arms and now my legs. It's small, red dots, kind of like a heat rash, and the local pharmacist has told me it's a hormone rash and has given me Sigmacort cream. He says it's safe, but again I err on the side of caution (it is a cortisone cream) and am too scared to use it. Does anyone have any advice? Has anyone had this kind of rash before? I've read that Pinetarsol is safe to use during pregnancy, so I might give that a go before I touch the cortisone cream. Any advice would be appreciated before I scratch myself raw!!


Hi sweetie

There is a post on "Your pregnancy" that is titled ITCHY - which I put some information on. You will see by other peoples replies that you are not alone. Pinetarsol is fine and also calamine may be helpful. If you have any questions when you read the other post let me know - I dealt with a rash for weeks and researched it a bit.

Leanne, NZ, Ella age 2 & Sam age 6months

if i were you i would get it checked by your gp, i had a rash that i was told was something to do with my pregnancy, i had some tests run and it had nothing to do with baby.

try baby oil, often, its very natural and if you keep up it does work. try wearing gloves to bed too.
good luck!
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