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Heartburn Remedy? Lock Rss

Hi there girls I have been getting bad heartburn lately, thanks to my pregnancy as I have never had it before. Its up in my throat with a horrible burning sensation. I have been taking rennie and sometimes quick eze. Anyone else got suggestions?


Hey Jodie,

I have had shocking heartburn for bout the last 4-5 months..Mine got to a stage where i ended up vomiting from it...

The only thing that eased it a little bit for me was milk, just slowly sipping a little bit of milk when it had become unbearable, although in the last week I have found that eating ice has done wonders for me - i think i have eaten nearly a whole bag of it since friday night...hahah

i have heard that bananas can help, althoug they did nothing for me.

Good luck with it all

I get shocking heartburn these days and it is so revolting!
My doc swears that zantac is the best and is perfectly safe, even if the info on the inside of the pack says "do not take if you are pregnant, without consulting your doc first"
Also, have you noticed it is much worse if you have fatty foods or sweet foods like chocolate?
I try not to eat at least 4 hours before I go to bed or else it keeps me awake and I can't lie down.
I admit zantac works really well, but you may need the extra strength ones, I do:-)
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