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Low iron Lock Rss

Hey everyone,

I have normally got fairly low iron levels. Early on in my pregnancy my iron was great and had no problems but since my blood tests at 28 weeks my iron has been up and down, but mainly down.

I had a test at 36 weeks and although it was low the doctor said i would be fine to have bubs at the hospital of my choice still however on sunday had another blood test and they are now telling me that because i am no longer a low risk pregnancy i will not be able to have bubs where i want too.

I am currently taking iron tablets along with vitamin c tabs and was wondering if anyone knew of anything that i could eat or take to try and get my levels up quick coz i will prob have another test next week and that will be the final determination of where bubs will have to be born.

I really dont want to have bubs at the other hospital as everytime i have been there the midwives are grumpy and horrible.

Thanks heaps

Hi Leah

Keep taking the iron tablets as they are your best bet. You can try food but they have not the same amount of iron as the tablets. You will know that red meat is probably the best source, so go have yourself a nice steak (or lots of spinich or silverbeet if you are a vege). It is good that you have the iron with vitamin c as this helps it absorb better. I had loads of red meat but still became low in iron but the tablets sorted it out.

I hope you get your choice - good luck sweetie, not long to go now!!

Leanne, NZ, Ella age 2 & Sam age 6months

hi Leah,

iron is in heaps of things we eat. Try starting to have red meat 3-4times a week for dinner. Try having Spinach as well. Baby spinach raw in a salad is good as well. Broccoli is good for iron also. But just try increase the intake of foods higher concerntrated with iron and your iron tablets.

Dont continue if you get badly constipated - it might to you more harm than good, if you eat too much. -Kayden 31.1.05 & Tianah 25.8.06

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