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6 weeks pregnant and worried about iron, fish and other things Lock Rss

What a great forum! My name is Tess and I'm 5 1/2 weeks pregnant. I had a misscarriage prior to this pregnancy (around the 6 week mark) so i'm being careful about what i eat and so on. I'm finding this stressful and need to breathe i think gasp).

I'm concerned about Listeria and mercury in fish. I dont eat red meat or chicken so have to watch my iron levels. What does one eat? Seems difficult even eating according to all the articles online. Are cans of Tuna okay?

Also what suppliments does everyone use?

Sorry this is a bit all over the place.

Thanks for reading this and allowing me to post.
Tess gasp)
hey! Because you dont eat meat i would start taking iron tablets with vitamin C and i also take Pregnancy and breastfeeding tablets by Blackmores or Cenovis!
Fish you should stay away from is
Orange roughy
Southern bluefin tuna.
Shellfish including prawns, lobsters and oysters
Canned tuna
I just read that on a website. I sometimes eat canned tuna as it only has a low mercury level. Pregnancy books are great cos it tells you everything you can and cant eat.
Hope this helps you smile
i know what it is like i loves shark and can't eat it
these days there are so many rules what you can and can't eat like ice cream soft sever it suxs reheated meats but when my mum was pregnant she could eat everything

they make it so hard these days for pregnant people

first time mum

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