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Insane Leg cramps! Lock Rss

I keep getting really bad leg cramps on my left side running from my halfway down my back down to my knee.
Its affecting the way I walk and I'm nearly dead by the time I walk up the stairs from the train to work every morning from the pain.
My GP gave me a stretch I can do, but he said it will only pretty much get worse and there is not much point having physio or seeing a massuse. I'm still going mention it to my obs when I see him next. I've also tried deep heat which has helped in the pasy but its doing nothing at the moment.
Anyway I was just wondering if any one else was suffering the same thing and what they weredoing/had done to ease the pain?

Bubba Heath 14/7/2007

i've had some awful leg cramps with this pregnancy so i can sympathise!
i've been told of a number of things that can help and am trying them all.

#1- eating more bananas

#2- drinking tonic water

#3- when you feel the cramps start, immediately
point your toes upwards, towards your tummy.

#4- magnesium sulphate supplements.

the last 2 were reccomended by my midwife, whereas the others are old wives tales, but one or all of them seem to be working anyway, the cramps i've had since tryign these remedies have been nowhere near as severe or long lasting as before.

hope this helps!


mel, ella jasmine 13/06/04 & benjamin tyler 6/8/06

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