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Rude bosses and co-workers Lock Rss

Hi there everyone,

I called in sick to work today and my boss was just like ok and then hung up.
It was real rude and I felt guilty.
I think they know they can't do anything cause i am pregnant and we are all entilted to days off but he made me feel like I was been a pain in the butt.

Is anyone else experiencing rude co-workers or bosses?
Mine are sometimes annoying with my pregnancy and they step over the line a little.


You shouldn't feel guilty about calling sick. You are entitled to have days off, don't let him make you feel guilty.
With my first pregnancy I was working at the time (I'm not anymore) the same thing happened to me. My boss was being a **** idiot, he kept complaining about me missing some work for antenatel classes and at the beginning when I had morning sickness.
It was really annoying me and I went and told him what I thought of him. I went and yelled him, I told him "You bastard, stop being such a moody idiot, if you have a problem with me missing work tell me to my face. What can I do, I'm pregnant for gods sake!" He didn't say much after that and stopped being so funny towards me. He couldn't do much though because I was the size of a house at the time and he think he was quite intimidated.
I wouldn't suggest you go and yell at your boss like I did but maybe go and talk to him about the problem.

Let me know how it goes, good luck


Lilly,6/ Paige,14mnths & my angel Maddy-SIDS

Mine seem to be respectful and most of them will offer me a seat if I'm helping them at their computers with something. I'm not showing enough for people on the bus to do that but I'm told that people here don't tend to offer it anyways!

I hate when if you get annoyed they just blame it on pregnancy hormones though - it's like "hey I have the right to be sh*tty with what you've said/done - you're a moron!!"

Good luck - hopefully he'll get a bit more considerate. ( I think mine is ok because his wife had a bub not too long ago).

I had alot of trouble with my bosses and co workers when they found out I was pregnant.
I was extreamly tired and asked for my hours to be cut back and it all started from there.
I was made to feel guilty for any appointments I had to attend, teased about my weight gain, and told that because I had two sugars in my tea that my unborn child would come out with problems.
It left me feeling extreamly down, I was constantly freaking out about what would be said to me tomorrow.
I had asked them to stop the comments and they didnt, it lead me to have a break down and the doctors made me stop working at 4 mnths.
when I told my employer that I wasn't coming back to work he acted like I was selfish and doing it just to spite him.


Hi all,
I really do sympathise with everyone here. I just feel like punching my boss AND my co workers (bar 1 or 2) in the face.

My main problem is that, in our office, we have the typical Office Pervert. He's the old grumpy git that does the accounts & thinks all women are good for is cooking, cleaning & @#$&ing.

Well, as is normal with pregnancy, my boobs have doubled in size which has made me very self concious anyway, but this guy will not stop staring at them. You would think he has never seen a pair before. If I need to talk to him (which I try to avoid) I have to 'cover up' with a file or similar item. He has always been a bit of a starer but this is ridiculous. He's making me feel awful.

AND THEN, he has the gall to make comments when I am eating - aarrghh - and this comes from a guy who smokes 40 cigarettes and has a pie every day.

They're all a bunch of idiots and I can't wait for maternity leave.

Aaah, feels good to have a rant - thanks for listening!


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