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Pre-Baby Blues? Lock Rss

I'm 32 weeks now and for some reason I keep getting all teary if the slightest thing happens. I was like that at about 20 weeks as well and thought I was going crazy, but it went away after that.
Now it has come back and seems to be worse and at bad times (like at work when dealing with a client).
I was just wondering if anyone else was was experiencing something similar and what they have been doing to cope?

Bubba Heath 14/7/2007


Im the same way to, its just so silly hormones we have lol I cry at the drop of a hat.. I was laughing my head of the other day at something and then it turned into tears, before i knew it i was balling my head off.. My partner just came over and gave me a hug (i think he knew not to ask questions) and i must seem like a crazy women. Just go with it, if you wanna cry just cry.. for me its all apart of being preggas. People should understand and if they don't it doesn't matter. Just blame it on the hormones smile don't worry hun your not alone.
Take care

Ds 17/10/06

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