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Is it ok to be jogging at 6mths pregnant??? Lock Rss

I was very into my fitness - working out everyday - before I discovered I had a little somebody inside me, then I was advised to stop all together for at least a few weeks til the heat was not so intense (this was late January). I have so far been doing very little exercise and feel incredibly guilty! All I have ever heard is that while pregnant I should be walking everyday.
Today I started walking and could not resist the urge to run a little where I could, is this ok?

I would check with your doctor but I think the reason for you to be careful is to do with your heart rate. A good friend of mine was allowed to continue with her gym workout but was made to wear a heart rate monitor so it didn't go over a certain amount. I think it is great that you have the energy to excerise - it will stand you in good sted for after the birth. However, again I would urge you to check with your doctor re jogging.

Best wishes.

Hi there,

If you were doing it before you were pregnant there is nothing stopping you now.
Although if you get hot and run down then slow down.
Just don't get into a heavier routine.
I worked in the fitness industry when I was a lifeguard and that is what we were told to tell all the pregnant ladies.
But we kept a close eye on them.
Not advised after 32 weeks though. Just a fast walk will do.
Although fast walking is much better for you than jogging.


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