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Hyperemesis Gravidarum Lock Rss

Anyone have this? Id love to speak to other people in the same boat. Makes life quite difficult at times


Mum to Sophie 11/08/2005 and Lachlan 21/11/2006

Hi Jade,

I suiffer from this too. I am now at 35 weeks and still have it. My OB has me on a wonderful medication called Zofran. It doesn't take away my nausea but it does stop the vomitting and keeps me out of hospital. It also enables me to care for Lachie. With Lachie's pregnancy and with the start of this one I was so bad I was vomitting in my sleep. Zofran wasn't available when I had Lachie (for maternity use) but for this pregnancy it has been a lifesaver.

Do you find that some people just don't understand how bad it is? I have a SIL who said to me after I had Lachie 'You won't have the luxury of being in bed all pregnancy if you have another' - like I had a choice! The bed I was in all day was in a hospital ward!!!

Best wishes,


I had HG for 18 weeks...... it has slowly dropped down over the past 4 weeks to 4 vomits a day but it is a pain in the backside especially when you have to finish up work caus u spend more trime in the loo than at your desk...............

Hope you get better and it eases off......... Its great to go to a corner store without having to run outside to find a loo just to get bread....
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