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Sport - when to give it up? Need advice Lock Rss

I am really struggling with conflicting information.
I play hockey and it can be a little bit rough, but not as bad as people who don't play it think.

I have been told (by friends/family) that a lot of people play sport most of the way through their pregnancy.

I was also told that the baby is fairly well protected and believe it or not despite being hit a number of times in 10 years of playing i have never been hit in the stomach / chest area.

Some tell me that the risk to the baby is more to do with overheating - and that if you are running about until you are puffing that you are probably pushing yourself too hard.

Yesterday the doctor told me that overheating isn't the problem and that I should be more concerned about being hit with a ball in the stomach.

Obviously I am concerned about the dangers to my baby, but I would also like to keep playing for a bit longer if there is minimal risk. I need to make a decision in the next week as to whether I quit altogether, drop down to a less competitive level, or just start playing half games and being subbed off regularly.

Any advice is welcome. Sorry for such a long posting.

Karen & Blake (8/11/2006)

Hockey is classed as a contact sport and those are the ones you need to be careful with. I wouldn't be too concerned if all you were doing was training with the team as people would be more aware of the pregnancy. It's more the low impact no contact sports/exercise that epole continue with throughout pregnancy. I guess ultimately it's your decision to take the risk of injury.
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