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"Down there" pains... Lock Rss

This is kind of embarassing, but has anyone else been experiencing any kind of vaginal pains?

I'm currently 15 weeks pregnant and for the past few weeks I've been experiencing these kind of throbbing aching type of pains which just seem to come and go. They're not overly painful or concerning but I was just wondering if they were normal?

Also, last night I started to experience some sharp stabbing pains deep inside.

Has anyone else been experiencing anything similar?

Katie, VIC, Aaliyah Kaylee born 28/11/06 & Mikayla

Well, on the 'normal' side of things it is probably ligaments stretching and things being shuffled around to accommodate all the growing bub is doing. There is also a lot of relaxin in your system helping your muscles stretch, which can also cause a few issues. However, with the stabbing pains, keep an eye on those because if it gets really severe you need to tell your LMC and then they can try and eliminate SPD - a condition where your pubic bone spreads too far apart (there is a join in the middle) and can affect the birth.

I went through similar, I think that it is unfortunately part and parcel. Like I said though, if it gets really bad, get it checked out.

Jacquie, Erin's Mummy - Born 13th July 2006

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