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potato chips...can't stop eating them! Lock Rss

I have a diet that consists of junk food at the moment. Before I got pregnant I was a total health freak. Gym and diet wise.
But now I can't stop eating chips, lollies and bad food. What to do!?
I know its bad for baby's growth.
I havn't stuck on much weight only like 4kgs so far and i'm 30 weeks pregnant so that's not worrying me, it's what it's doing to baby.
But i can't help it!
What to do?


im exactly the same, except my body notices what im putting into my mouth and punishes me for it (massive weight gain). The way i see it, if you're gonna eat crap food... eat a peice of fruit afterwards or just have a plate of vegies for dinner. I never ate anything good at the start of the pregnancy and my bubs doing great and nearly 5pound smile
Try not to be too hard on yourself If junk food is the worst you do you'll be a great mum. If you are not already maybe try taking a pregnancy multivitamin and then you can rest assured that bub is getting all the vitamins ect they need. Although it is not ideal try and keep it in perspective it's potato chip and lollies, you're not doing drugs. Isn't it funny how out tastes can change when we are pregnant. Take care.
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