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Late Pregnancy Bleeding Lock Rss

Hi there,

For the past week or so, I've been experiencing very light bleeding. I'm 30wks and while my obstetrician tells me not to worry, that everything is fine and as long as the baby is moving I should relax, I just can't!! She says it's fairly common, so here's the quesiton - how common is it really? Has anyone else experienced this? The bleeding isn't heavy enough to wear a pad - it's more like a stain on the toilet paper. I had early bleeding at 11wks which was a burst blood vessel, so I'm thinking this is the same thing. My doc hasn't examined me (apart from the ultrasound and a feel of my tummy). Should I insist she has a look "down there"?

Of course, I'd be totally lost if I didn't have something to worry about (I'm a little highly strung at the best of times - I get it from my mother!), but I'm really interested to see if anyone else has experienced this.



Have a look will cause problems and they dont want to check you incase.

In my experience leave it alone but always if you feel uneasy ask the doctor.

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