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Diabetes and pregnancy Lock Rss

Hey everyone,

I had gestational diabetes with my first pregnancy and due to bad genes or bad luck it never really went away (I was classified as pre-diabetic I think they call it). Now I'm pregnant with my second and because it wasn't entirely planned I hadn't kept an eye on my sugar levels during the very beginning and I've read that high sugar levels can cause malformations and now I'm terrified! I have an appt with my dietitian and endocrinologist in a weeks time but in the meantime I'm worried sick. Does anyone any expereinces with this and did it turn out ok? I'm currently on my 5th or 6th week.

Annie, NSW, Emmy 13/6/05, Aidan 11/1/07

Hi smile

I am type 2, planning to conceive in 3 months..

i have read alot similiar situations, their babies turned out fine. But, we need to maintain strict control for the rest of the pregnancy

My doc says Folate is essential..let us know how you went smile

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