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Carpel tunnel syndrome Lock Rss

Since about 35 weeks I have suffered from puffy hand and wrists, which ache during the night. They now constantly ache(im 37 weeks), and I find I cant do much with them during the day. If anyone else has suffered this is there any short term remedy or something to relieve it as I hopefully have only 3 more weeks of it to go.
I suffered with this with my 1st pregnancy. My Dr gave me some of those big wodden paddle pop sticks (tounge supresers) and I would bandage my hand and wrists with the stick in to stop my wrists from bending during the night. It made going to the toilet a little hard but keeping the wrist straight helps the fluid to move through.
Good luck your almost there.
Yes, this happend to me in my first pregnancy. I told my doctor and she made an appointment for me the next day to see the physio at the hospital. They were experianced people who work with short term relief from carpel tunnel, they had these wrist bands they gave me that have a metal plate in them that runs along the wrist and to the palm of your hand they are made from leather and elastic strapping. Not uncomfortable at all. I had to only sleep with them on, and they helped ALOT! i would suggest speaking to the doctor asap and trying to get in to see someone about it. I know it can be really painful, so goodluck. -Kayden 31.1.05 & Tianah 25.8.06

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