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Stuff you're not suppose to eat .... Lock Rss

Hi Ladies,

I'm starting to worry, as I go through my pregnancy I keep reading the 'what not to eat' lists and they all have different things! I am always coming across foods that I shouldn't be eating, but cos I didn't know I have eaten them during my pregnancy!

I am 35wks and worried that my bubby is going to come out with some abnormality cos of my ignorance! sad

So what does eating these foods actually do to the baby ???
Any help would be appreciated!

Amy & daughters Jada 10/07/06, Alana 07/04/08


While pregnant I have educated myself a lot about what to eat and what not to eat and my advice would be-

For nine months of your life avoid the food which have been shown to pose a risk to your unborn baby.

At the end of the day will not having that smoked salmon or sushi kill you???? NO But if you eat a bad bit of it- it could kill your baby!!!! Is that a risk you are willing to take???

Sounds harsh I know but it is a reality. Listeria is a very serious infection which can do massive damage to a baby and can cause death!!! And as stated in a previous post- you are 20 times more susceptible to it while pregnant.

If you didn't know- hey that's one thing but to be aware of the risk to your unborn baby and still continue to eat these foods???

If I feel like something I shouldn't have like ham- then I heat it til it is super hot (steaming) that kills the listeria germ if it is present. I do miss some foods but hey in a few months I can indulge in them- I will also have the peace of mind that I have taken the best care I can of my baby and that if by some chance anything does go wrong during my pregnancy I will not forever ask the question- DID I DO SOMETHING I SHOULDN"T HAVE? DID SOMETHING I DO CAUSE THIS???

I am sorry if I offend anyone I am just really passionate about giving our children the best chance we can from conception- today we know so much more than generations ago about nutrition and care during pregnancy- we should use this information not ignore it- listeria is a fact and it can cause a lot of heartache.
I was told everything that is in the not to eat list you can eat but like jperry said only in moderation the only one's to stick right away form is some sorts of fish, shell fish like lobster etc and the soft kinds of chesses.

But everyone has a different opinion and will do what they want. I am going to be careful if it happens but not so careful i stop eating the foods i love and crave like chocolate and soft drink i will just moderate my in take thats all.

I mean they give you are BIG bar of choc in your preganancy bag (my sister in law was pretty excited about that as she is a choc o holic)

Eat and do what feels right to you and your body just don't over do it with the bad stuff.

eìí? * i'm having a baby due August 11th * eìí?hs

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