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Are mushrooms safe? Someone told me that they didn't think they were has they are a fungus. But none of my pregnancy books mention mushrooms. My sister in law cooked me a meal the other night and I didn't realise that she had put mushrooms in it until it was too late. They were cooked. Does anyone know the answer to this question? Did anyone else eat cooked mushrooms while they were pregnant?

Chch, NZ - Boy & EDD 13/11/08

I have been eating mushrooms all thorugh my pregnancey. As far as i know it's ok to eat them as they are a great source of iron. Yes they are a fungus but some fungi are actually good for you. If you are really worried ask your doctor next time you see him/her

little monkeys

it's more the dirt on them that you have to watch (as with all vegetables). I love mushrooms and I've been told to clean them really well and yes cook them thoroughly before eating. Unfortunately it kills off some of the vitamins but to be safe you do kind of have to look at how they are actually grown...

Enjoy!! (now I am craving mushrooms lol).

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