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Flu Vaccination Lock Rss

Hey Gals

Just a question to see if any of you have looked into what your doctor's opinion is for you to get the flu shot?

I'm 12 wks along and I'm unsure if I should get the vax or not. I see my doc next week but still iffy on getting it. (He's my GP - I dont start going to the hospital for my appointments until mid next month).

What are your thoughts?

Talk to your Doctor as he might have a different opinion to mine. I asked my OB and he said that he didn't think enough 'research' had been done on pregnant women and the effect of the flu vaccine to warrant taking the risk. I decided against taking it given his advice.

Hope this helps.

Hi there

I asked my GP about having the flu vax a couple of months ago as I get really crook every winter with asthma if I get the flu. He said a definite NO. Not whilst you're pregnant.
Your GP might be different but I think it's across the board

Thanks ladies!

I've opted to not get the shot this year but I will get it next year since it's really helped me in the past. I see that there is some research supportive of both sides of the debate. I've done well this far so I'll keep my fingers crossed for a healthy next 6 months!

Have a great one!

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