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Gestational Diabetes Lock Rss

Hey gals,

Working my way through the mystery of Gestational Diabetes. Thanks to a LONGGG family history of Type 1 & 2 diabetes plus I'm also not at an ideal weight I have been diagnosed with it. I'm trying very hard to eat the best foods, exercise, etc but still my levels were high. This morning before brekkie i was 6.1 and heck even for my fasting GTT I was only 5.8 (and that's after having a very unhealthy dinner that night). Last night I had a small bowl of low GI cereal for dinner and yet it is still high. They told me if my fasting level stays high like that (should be a maximum of 5.5) then I'll have to go on meds. Prob with that - they mean the injections... problem with that - I could NEVER give myself a needle. Hopefully my partner is good at it lol. Anyways - sorry to come and whinge a bit but trying to keep a positive outlook to everyone else is a bit hard when all I'm worrying about is the little one inside of me and trying to do the best for them so they don't come early or get too fat inside there!

Thats ok lol.
I've been diagnosed with Gestational Diabetes aswell. My own fault though cos I used pregnancy as an excuse to eat a lot of junk and so put on quite a bit of weight lol.
I was only diagnosed @ 35 weeks and have just started monitoring my sugar levels. When I did the GTT my fasting level was 6 (i think) and after the three hours is was 9. But so far since monitoring my levels have been in the normal range. I have to keep them below 6.5, which lukily I've been able to do.
Aslong as you eat healthily and cut our the sugary things you should be fine. Fingers crossed you don't have to start giving yourself insulin....but remember its all towards having a healthy bubz.
Gosh well least your exercising, I have done none what so ever!!, better take up walking...better late than never lol

Well, I don't know about you ladies, but I kind of feel completely betrayed by my body when it comes to having GD. Hi, my name's Kylie and I'm 32 weeks.

I found out at 28 weeks that I have it, and although the whole way through I've been really bleedin' careful about what I eat it seems to make absolutely no difference. My levels have continued to get higher, no matter what, and what I can eat today I may well not be able to eat tomorrow! I'm currently failing at least 3 out of every 4 daily tests, and if I fail my fasting test (before breakfast), then forget about it. I may as well survive on Chicken feed for the rest of the day!

But yes, like you all I see the good side - at least I know, at least I'm able to continue monitoring it and 'maybe' get through the next 7 weeks without delivering early and maybe even my baby will be under 10 pounds!

I'm off to see a Doctor who specialises in the whole thing on Tuesday, and by the sounds of it I'll be injecting by that night. And needle hatred? I can't even look when I prick my finger!

Anyway, sorry about the rant, but I just want you all to know that there's yet another woman out there struggling with the reality of being healthy in every aspect of womanhood except for when carrying a baby!

Good luck to you all and I hope you have as much fun as me when planning your first GD-free meal after you're in the clear!

A Long Journey is a good journey

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