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I hear mayannaise is bad. My guess is because we are told to eat eggs which are fully cooked,
mayonnaise is made using raw eggs.
And whilst we are on the subject of food and pregnancy, I feel it is wise to watch what you eat. It is a mere nine months of your life, and that's nothing. There is such a wide variety of foods out there that it cannot possibly hurt to avoid a few, it's not like we will starve just because we have to miss out on a few edibles.
I've got friends out there who have eaten whatever and mock me for being careful. They wouldn't have much to laugh about if something did go wrong with their pregnancy, they'd be kicking themselves then. And don't even start me on the fools who just keep on smoking. If you can't give up when you're pregnant then when will you ever be able to stop? There are people who smoke throughout the whole pregnancy and then later conclude that it's time they gave up- it's a bit bloody late! They should count their blessings that baby was born ok instead!
I could go on forever, so I'll sign off now. Take care all.




Don't forget the fish containing mercury warning... such as flake and marlin. There are more types but i have forgotten (can easily find on the web). If you have too much of these, it affect the baby's brain somehow and is possibly linked to Autism. I am 23 weeks prego and was stuffing my face with fish 'n' chips during my first 3 months - i reckon at least 2 times a week - not aware of the dangers. I am pretty worried now.

Just one question to CALEBSMUM, with regards to your sister in law, how would they have known, while she was pregnant, that her baby was going to be born with a bug due to the food that she ate, and that she should terminate?

Apart from the fish, i was really watching what i was eating... except for the few times that i ate chocolate mousse.... which contains raw egg.... which you don't really think about it at the time because you don't see it. I could have kicked myself when i remembered that choc mousse has raw egg. I didn't get sick over it at the time, so what does raw egg do anyway? Should i be worried about this too?

Sandra, Vic

Hi smass, In regards to my sister in law what they were advised was there was no sure way of knowing if any damage was done to the baby. They said she could of had an amniocentesis but it still may have not been picked up at the time as it affected his developement so the degree of the damage wouldnt have been known until around 36 - 37 weeks, if it picked it up. As I said before there is nothing the medical profession can do to stop or to treat at this stage. The only 2 options that would have been given to them had they known was to continue with the pregnancy or abort. Having said that the medical professionals are constantly working on their medical knowledge. I saw a TV program the other day on the new ultra sounds. They are 3D which means Drs would be able to preform delicate surgery while the baby is still in the womb. I dont know if this is available in AUS but it is at least out there. Without scaring you, eggs contain all sorts of different microorganisms that may be harmful to babies. This is the reason you dont give egg yolk to a baby under 6 months and egg white under 9 months and always well cooked under 12 months. This is also the reason why pregnant women can not have the flu injection as it contains egg which so babies may react too. That was to answer your questions not to frighten you please try not to worry, I am sure what you ate was fine. What happened to my sister in law is not very common. It is just a subject very close to home for me and it angers me that people dont take this seriously. However you can also take it too far........ As long as you eat normal healthy things then you and your baby should be just fine. Being pregnant is such a lovely time so dont let anyone or anything upset your wonderful time! ENJOY!!
Thanks CALEBSMUM. It is interesting to know all these facts. As long as i'm aware of all the facts, i can make judgement decisions on what to put, and not to put in my mouth. I'm still worried at the end of the day, but, unless absolutely 100% positive that my baby has been affected (in an extreme way - that is), then, like your sister in law, there would be no way i would terminate. By the sounds of it there is no way i will know 100% until the baby is born anyway... or even later in some cases. So i guess i will just have to wait and see. It just gets frustrating when you think that you are doing all the right things wrt food intake, and then you find out later down the track that you could be harming your baby. But what can i do... whats done is done. I thank you once again for your advise and good wishes. I will let you know the outcome at the end of july when baby is born. In the meantime, i think i will just eat bread and butter (not the GM modified canola stuff! smile- just to anticipate the next no-no of foods to eat during pregnancy wink)).

Sandra, Vic

Holy Duly

That is scary stuff I have read, particularly with your sister in-law Caleb's mum. I am picky about not eating processed meats, prepacked salads, cold seafood, soft cheeses etc. I was planning to meet a couple of friends at Sizzler for lunch this weekend ... now I am too scared to go!!! I think I may be converting to your idea Sandra ... bread and butter for the remainder of my pregnancy!!!!!

Ryan (2) & Jayden (18mths)

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