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pedicures/facials? Lock Rss

I'm booked in for a pedicure & facial (xmas pressie) and will be 17 weeks pregnant. I've recently been told about pedicures being harmful - something to do with reflexology. I'm interested in hearing your thoughts on this and from others who have had one!
There are alot of old wives tales out there and you have just pointed out one of them... It is perfectly safe to have pedicures and facials. Some midwives actually recommend them as it reduces your stress levels by relaxing.

Take care

Bouncing baby boy 17/05/05

Hi there,
the only thing you need to watch is what aromatherapy oils they use, some can be harmful, make sure you tell them you are pregnant if it isn't obvious.

Sydney,twin boys 22/10/04+girl 26/03/02

thanks for your replies. its great to hear some useful advise. i'll lay back and enjoy 'quiet' time while i still can!!!!
chellebelle - please please please - get it all in while you can.

I have been a devotee of reflexology for the last 6 years - and took a break from it until I passed the "12" week pregnancy mark.

But girl - lap it all up while you can - all it can do is relax you and make you feel WONDERFUL!
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