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belly rash HELP!! Lock Rss

hi guys,

i am 26 weeks pregnant and have noticed that i have red spots appearing on my belly, they look like mosquito bites but there not. At first it was just a few but now there is a lot and they have started to appear on my boobs. My belly is really itchy but i think that because it's stretching and not because of the spots.

has anyone else had this problem? PLEASE HELP...

Emma SA - Briar 15/03/07

go to google, and type in PUPPS check images and the web and see if thats what it is, i havent had PUPPS myself but i knw some other ladies on here have, they maybe able to help you, by the sounds of what ive heard PUPPS isnt nice so i hope you dont have it smile

best of luck


I would go see your doc and get checked just to make sure it is not serious.

There is a condition call PUPP and it sounds like what you are describing- it causes itching and small red bumps on your tummy- you can also get them in other areas like the legs and buttocks. They are often more common in women having twins and first time mothers. It is not harmful to bub or mum though.

The other condition that causes itching is Obstetric Cholestasis -this is a serious liver condition which can be harmful to mum and bub. It usually begins with itching of the hands and feet first though and then becomes more generalised- it can be so itchy women actually scratch themselves til they bleed- apparently it is also more common for the itching to be worse at night.

If you do a google search with the search words - pregnancy + itchy skin you will find heaps of info- and some ideas on how to stop your skin itching.
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