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no weight gain at 18 weeks! Lock Rss

had my docs apointment today and i havent put on a single kg!! im really happy about that. i put on so much weight with my first (25kgs) and had only 5 more to lose before i hit my pre baby weight, when i got pregnant this time.
i had a huge baby last time and think some of that is due to the amout of crap i ate and the lack of exercise i did when i was pregnant with him. this time im eating healthy and trying to go for a 30 min walk a few times a week... and so far its working!!! no weight gain for me!!!!
hopefully this healthier living will keep the babies size down to a healthy size and help with my vbac plans.
what has everyone else gained at this stage??

Blake Mathew 6.12.05 Mason Alexander 14.8.07

Hi There,

Congrats on the no weight gain : )

Im currently 20 weeks and have fluctuated in my weight but from the beginning to now I have actually lost 2.5kg! I was worried at first but im carrying a little extra weight around that I shouldnt be and bubs is growing really well!

Best of Luck for the rest of your pregnancy!

Hi Katie

I am 22 weeks pregnant and my last checkup was 3 weeks ago and I had only gained half a kilo. I still had 4 kilos to loose from my last pregnancy when I fell pregnant again so I'm guessing the baby is sucking up the fat and I don't need to gain any weight yet!!! I didn't gain a huge amount of weight last time, only about 13kg. Are you a naturally thin person? Maybe that's why you gained so much weight last time.... I am a normal size 12 and figured I didn't gain a lot of weight cause I had meat on me and some of that was used. Just a thought..


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I'm due on 04/11/07 and I'm weeks and 2 days. This is my first baby and I was worried becaused I've lost about 3 kilos since being pregnant, your posts have made me feel much better!

I am 17 weeks and as of yet have put on no weigth and for a while had actually lost some weight. bit strange caus ethe last two baies i gained and gained and gained

Ashton 13/8/04, dylan 27/8/05, #3 due 22/9/07

I am 21 weeks and have lost 4.5kgs since I found out I was pregnant. I gained a couple of kgs then at my last drs appt I had lost them again but the baby is healthy and is the correct size so the dr doesn't seem to be too worried. If only in the real world I could eat as much as I am now and lose weight!
My friend is 26 weeks pregnant and she has gained over 8kgs already!

You can never tell!

I lost 6 kilos when I got pregnant and at the end I had gained 8 kilos, so a total increase of 2 kilos. Had a 7 pound baby 2 weeks early. I put on weight with BK & KFC but not much else helped, not even the nutrionist weight-gain diet. Great thing was I was skinny 10 days after birth, 12 kilos lighter! Just make sure you have some energy to get through the days and nights.
hey katie love to know if you've started gaining any weight yet.

I'm currently 22 and a half weeks and i've just managed to get the 6 kilo's i lost back on now. The other week they said they were worried about babies size so i had to eat like mad haha but he is growing perfectly now. Hopefully i won't gain too much more weight.. would be nice if i put 10 kilo's or less on in total from my start weight.. be a nice change from putting between 17 and 22 kilo's on with my last two boys!

jamie 6yrs dylan 3yrs davan 18mths No4 EDD 11.9.09

I'm 12 weeks and have lost 2-3 kilo's from morning sickness already sad I know I'm not as far along as some of you but this is my second pregnancy and I thought you are suppose to "show" a lot more then the first.

don't get too down katey. I ended up loosing 6 kilos this time quite quickly and then struggled to get it back on but i'm still definately showing. Probably won't be much longer before you do.
With my second i was definately bigger than with my first but everyone is different.
Hope your MS doesn't stick around too long.

jamie 6yrs dylan 3yrs davan 18mths No4 EDD 11.9.09

be careful not to loose body fat as it puts ketones in your blood which is harmful to bubs, it should show up in a urine test.. just up the calories, shouldnt be to
I'm actually 5 kilo's lighter now than i was before i fell pregnant.. i'm 36 weeks along and not to concerned about my lack of weight gain coz i was already a "big girl" before i fell pregnant.. my doctor says its fine too so i guess it's just a bonus for me


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