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Cravings - any weird ones? OR what weird things have you done to food? Lock Rss

Ok so here I am eating baked beans.. Seems normal right? Well I didn't like the taste of them so I smothered them in tomato sauce.. EVEN I would screw my nose up at this if I wasn't preg!!!

I also put bbq sauce on fried rice LOL

my latest craving though is mini wheats!!

What are yours? Or what weird things have you done to food?

Wow baked beans with tomato sauce...? You are definatly pregnant lol
When I was 4 Months pregnant (im now 7 1/2) I had a craving for peanut butter on toast with bacon. Yup thats right. It was dam nice too. Also anything with vegemite. Like carrot sticks with vegemite. My poor DP has had a few weird things done to his dinner due to my cravings.
Other than that ive had a big thing for fruit and veges which is great and of course chocolate. yay its nearly easter....oh all that chocolate.... yay!!

my girl finally lets me sleeps at night, yaay

The problem with me is when I crave something, I must have it... I can imagine eating it and how good it will taste... and I'll have no idea why I even thought of that particular food... like last night as I was going to sleep, I was dreaming of a twister (chicken wrap thingees) from KFC!!! Crazy!

I have craved beetroot (I hated it before), salad sandwiches (wasn't a big fan before), Sarsaparilla (everyone is like, Sarsapa-what???) and oranges!

Hi i having twins 19 weeks along and i have had the urge to eat washing powder and raw coffee its terrible as i am constantly washing and wanting to eat the washing powder must be the texture as the raw coffee is the same i am currently on the hunt for that packet chewing gum you use to be able to get that would crackle and pop in your mouth might stop my urge for washing powder
he he


dd 16 months, twin boys due aug

Hi, I'm 14 weeks along and for the past 2-3 weeks I've been craving spicy foods especially chicken laksa!!! Can't get enough of it but unfortunately my digestive track has it's way and won't let me eat it like I want to or!!
My biggest concern but is what I don't want to eat....vegies!! I just can't stand the very thought of eating them ATM even plain old potato!! And I usually LOVE them!! Just cooking Jeb's vegies for tea every night makes my stomach churn!! The only way I can eat them is covered in gravy or sauce...and I mean COVERED!!! Also not fussed on red meat either, just want chicken and fish.
Loving salads, soups and fruit and the ever popular chocolate!!! When I was pregnant with Jeb this is all I ate too but the salads had to be drowning in vinegar salad dressings!! YUM!!

Kel, WA Jebediah 18/7/05, Balendin 10/10/07

I had a massive craving for things with peanut butter. I even made peanut butter ice cream. Had to have it with bananas too.
I also enjoyed my curries - the hotter the better. I cant wait to enjoy another spicy curry. Yummy.....

Jonathon 27/4/07 and DD due 7 Feb 09

With my first I had this bizarre desire to chew Panadol... yeah, just wanted to stuff my mouth full of them and munch! Anytime I had Panadol during my pregnancy I would leave the tablet in my mouth until it started to melt and taste [email protected] and then swallow it lol I knew it would taste bad, but I still wanted to eat them! I'm only 6 weeks so far now, so nothing weird (yet). smile

Jack-man 3 June 2006

Hi guys,

Im 11 weeks along with no. 3 & this time am having some real cravings compared to last time i dont remember really having any.

To start with a few weeks back it was tomatoes- tomatoes on toast, juice (must have tobasco & lots of it tho haha) on their own it was odd its all i wanted for days.

Recently its been roast meat... odd!! usually not biggest meat fan but the biggest odd one at the moment is VEGES broccoli to be exact plate fulls OMG how odd! & baby peas... oh well better than craving maccas which im sure will come in a while.. NOOOOO

Happy eating smile
I had looked up with baked beans and ketchup was a weird pregnancy craving! When I ate the baked beans just did not taste right, and I had ketchup on my plate from dipping my chicken in it and I just looked at it. And was like hmmm!! Took my spoon to that ketchup and then baked beans and it tasted so much better! So funny to see someone else has done it as well!! It’s very weird food choice I thought lol!
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