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Catching ur wee!!!!!!! Lock Rss

Ok ladies, who 'dribbles' on the cup when they are trying to catch their wee?
For the doctor that is..not for fun! I dont wanna know if u do it for fun!

It is just that my doc said to me today 'catch ur mid-stream urine please' and I walked out and mumbled 'easier said then done' and when I can back He just said it is definately much easier for men LOL!

Has anyone got any neat tricks...I find when I lean forward to catch MOVES! LOL and I end up cleaning the cup etc. I really do not like doing it...I almost had it down packed nearing the end of my pregnancy with Joel but now I have lost the knack of catching my WEE! haha!

Sorry this is so disgusting but I am bored and in a real weird mood!!!!!!!!!!!

DS-20.05.05 & DD-23.11.07

Well my doc gives me a kidney dish - obviously doesn't trust my aim.

When I know in advance he gives me the little cup to just bring it from home and then I do it into an icecream container and tip it in!

I was working last time I was preg and having to go to work with a little cup of wee in my handbag was pretty gross!

DS 22 months DD 9 Oct 07


I just had a great big laugh about this post!!!! How right you are- it is HARD to catch your wee midstream- while pregnant - with a bladder with a mind of its own- without dripping some on the outside of the specimen jar.

When I was pregnant I suffered the same problem- so I always just wiped the jar off and then wrapped it in some of the paper towel that is in the toilet for hand drying. That way at least when I give it to the doc I didn't feel so bad.

This topic is not disgusting- it is just not talked about because it is seen to be gross. I think you just have to laugh when you experience these's only a bit of wee. I have a 4week old bub that pooed all over me mid-nappy change!!! Happened to me last week- it was sooooo funny yet gross at the same time- I literally had poo from my waist to my feet!!! I have told various friends who think I am sooo weird because I laugh at having this happen.

I think pregnancy and motherhood makes us view bodily functions and fluids in a whole new way!!!

Take care- and good luck with improving your aim
Just wondering where you got your pregnancy diary from?? I'm intrested in getting one but don't know where to look...
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