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  5. Craving tuna. Is it a food i should be avoiding?????

Craving tuna. Is it a food i should be avoiding????? Lock Rss

Hi everyone

I am 7 weeks pregnant and have constant cravings for tpasted tuna sandwhiches.

Is tuna a food i need to avoid during pregnancy????



Hi congrats on the pregnancy!
Im not 100% sure if you should stay away from it or not but id be careful. It is very good to eat fish during pregnancy, as long as it is fresh, best cooked by you and brought fresh. But you stil have to be careful. I probably wouldnt eat canned tuna, just to be safe. But like I said im no expert, so see what others have to say as well.
Good luck, I hope it all goes well for you!!

my girl finally lets me sleeps at night, yaay

heya smile congrats on pregnancy!

I have to say my opinion is the opposite to tarra 01, i thought you could eat tuna as long as it was canned!

Im also no expert, thats just what i thought smile


The recommendation is to have it only a couple of times a week (140g a serve)


I asked my obs this question as that is all I wanted. He said I could have tinned tuna as often as I like as there would be very little mercury in it. Typical, as soon as he said I could have as much as I wanted, I didn't want it anymore and the thought of it makes me sick.

i believe its good but no more than 3-4 times a week, due to the mercury. Goes for tuna and a few other fish like trout, salmon, shark, and some others i cant remember

I have heard that there is no problem with having canned tuna as much as you like as it would take ALOT of it to increase your mercury levels in your body. there are plenty of websites out there that tell you what is and isn't good to eat but I always recommentd asking the professional.

Tuna is ok as long as it is bluefin, yellowfin tuna is the one to avoid due to it's higher Mercury content, some types of fish are to be avoided also due to mercury however I cant remember what they are.

Vic, 3 y.o boy

I have tuna cravings also, and i'm pretty sure it's ok to eat tuna just not more than 2 cans a week.
I had the worst craving for tuna in the third trimester and i ate it everyday. (canned). Now we are TTC and i was wondering if i should really be eating it. But i havent read anything anywhere that says not too.

I have heard that canned tuna is low in mercury and have been eating quite a bit of it. It contains omega which is good for bubbas developing brain =)

eat it up!!! my midwife showed me her information and said i could eat a large can of tuna or salmon everyday if I wanted to. And so i eat it often during the week say, 3 times or so. Anymore I just get sick of it really. I did the same with my first pregnancy too, and my baby's a bright little button! Think of those omega's!!!


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