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preganncy whilst raising a toddler Lock Rss

hi all now i know most of u have been in this situation so id love to hear from u. i am only in very early stages of pregnancy and i have a 17 month old. i know u arent supposed to lift heavy things but hello.. um i have to lift my heavy toddler all the time, it really worries me as my stomach really feels strained and so does my back.. any feedback welcome

24 year old mum to 2 beautiful girls

Hi Rebecca, I'm in the same position. I'm 32 weeks and have a 19 month son. I still pick him up a lot as he's a real cuddler, but I try to make sure that I really focus on using my legs and not my back or stomach muscles. I also only lift him straight up, not at an awkward angle (if you know what I mean) I have to get DH to put him in his cot at night because it's hard to lean over and place him that far down without dropping him in!!
Just be careful and listen to your body. If you are strong and healthy you should be fine (if you lift properly that is) I don't think that nature would let us have kids so close if we weren't able to at least lift them every now and then. Take care!!
Hi rebecca j,

I understand you...I feel pregnant when my toddler was only 10mth...really still only a baby...they are only 19mth apart! It was very hard and I suffer severe morning sickness (more like all day!) to so I end up in hospital too! I spent most of my days and nights cuddled up to the loo and it made it harder having my little baby there hanging around me wondering what mum was doing! I am just glad I have a great hubby who helped out tremendously while managing to still work full time (shift worker). I also had an almost 4yr then I had to try get him to kindy as well!

It was rather tough and thought I would never get through it at time...eventually when I did get over that I got bad varicose veins and they hurt so much and it didn't help when my little girl wanted to be nursed all the time but I had to put my foot down some days and even though it broke my heart I knew I had to do it.

If you need to pick your toddler up maybe you could try nursing her sitting down or ask your doctor the best way to pick her up...maybe get her to stand on a chair or lounge first so she is closer to your height.

All the best!

Mum(29) - DS 7yr, DD 4yr & DD 2yr

hi rebecca
i have a 18month old and am 31 weeks pregnant with twins so i understand what you are saying, i still pick her up how can you say no but i do limit it and i am very careful when i pick her up with bending my knees. also she is in a bed and has been for about 4 months so this helps as i dont have to lift her in and out of a cot which i dont think would be that easy
good luck

Anita,QLD,mother of madi,lachlan and harrison

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