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anyone gained as much weight as me?? Rss


i'm too scared to get on the scales to see how much i've put on. mainly because i'd lost 25 kgs before finding out i was pregnant and its a scary thought to see the numbers going up instead of going down.

but i'm still fitting into size 16 so i think most of my weight is in my boobs and belly.
i gained way too much weight with #1 i blew up to a size 20-22 and i really dont wanna go back there.

good luck with everything

hey alysha, congrats on having a little girl:)

Shelley, did u find out what u were having???! How far are u now????

DS-20.05.05 & DD-23.11.07

Hi T.C

i'm 24 weeks now and didn't find out what i'm having but i'm having another scan in about 6 weeks to check on bubs size docs are worried i'll have another 9 pound baby.
thinking i might find out the sex when i have this scan i'll be 32 weeks

Hey I just read your post. If it's any consolation, this is my first baby and I've got absolutely no idea if I'm putting on the pounds too quickly. Now 18weeks and already gained 6.6kg, so you're not alone on the scales. ha-ha
EDD 24/10/07 so will be interesting to see how big the belly gets by then!
Cheerio, maria
well I feel a little bit better now reading this! At 16 weeks I had put on 9kgs - a combo of constant hunger and lack of exercise in trimester 1 due to exhaustion. I too had lost weight before getting pregnant so it is pretty hard to deal with. Am too scared to hop on the scales now. Am still only up to gentle walking so can't see the situation improving. How can some people not put on weight??
hey guys smile

i dunno how people dont put on weight lol! but im jealous!

I know my prob, i cant stop eating! Im ALWAYS hungry and i find it really hard to eat healthy when you take out all the things your not allowed when pregnant and im allergic to raw fruit and vege, weird i know, its a pain in the ass!

Im 20weeks tomorrow and ive gained nearly 10kg now so it isnt slowing!

hey myrrah. I have never heard of someone being allergic to fresh fruit and vegies! Is it only when they are fresh or can you cook them then eat them???

as long as they are cooked, tinned or dried i can eat them, its insane and nobody has ever been able to tell me why, i have met one other person in my life with the same allergy smile

Heya, I'm also v worried about this, I am nearly nine weeks and have gained 8 kilos! I started putting on the weight before I even knew I was pregnant, this was how I knew because I am only 16, my weight has never exceeded 60 kilos, looks like things are about to change! Lol, well it was good reading from all the other mums that put on weight too. I just hope I can get it off after! smile


Well last pregnancy, I put on 25kgs... after that it took awhile to get back to semi-normal pregnancy weight. When i found out about this one my weight was going up and down, first weigh in with this preg I was 9kgs heavier than when I was 3months preg with #1. Now at 15w I have put on 6kg. So worried that I will balloon out and not be able to get it off. I have stopped eating so much though as my m/s seems to be going.
Would love to keep in touch with you all to see how you go after having bubs with getting the weight off


hiya smile

hows everyone going?

Im 22weeks now and have gained 12kg, im still surprised as especially the last few weeks ive been really good but it doesnt seem to matter! i may as well eat junk because im still putting on about 1kg a week anyway!

So i guess if that stays the same i can expect a total weight gain of 30kg! I bloomin hope not lol!!

I have gained 10 kgs and I am 23 weeks. I am

This is my fourth baby and with the others the most that gained was 7kg total and I lost it all within 2 weeks of the birth.

I am eating and taking care of myself more this pregnancy and to be honest I have no problems that I had with the others and I am a lot happier within myself.

I hope I dont gain too much more

Mum to 5 amazing gifts from God. 3 girls 2 boys

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