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anyone gained as much weight as me?? Rss

I have gained 10 kgs and I am 23 weeks. I am

This is my fourth baby and with the others the most that gained was 7kg total and I lost it all within 2 weeks of the birth.

I am eating and taking care of myself more this pregnancy and to be honest I have no problems that I had with the others and I am a lot happier within myself.

I hope I dont gain too much more

Mum to 5 amazing gifts from God. 3 girls 2 boys

Oh im glad im not the only one! this is my first,im 21 weeks and have gained 10kgs already, lol i am so traumatised by it. Im scared about how big im going to end up.I know it only matters if bubs is healthy which he is smile but struth i didnt expect to get so big so quick, it doesnt help that i have friends that lost weight at the beginning of there pregnancies and didnt even show until after 6 months so they look at me like im huuge.I really popped out about 2 weeks ago which i actually like.
Sorry to rave on, its just really nice to not feel so bloody fat and alone,lol

take care all.think slim tongue

Hi, with my 2nd pregnancy i put on 30kg and 30 months later i am still 10kg heavier than my original weight. i carried alot of fluid in that pregnancy and had backpain during and for 18 months after. I was very fit and healthy before i fell pregnant but did no exercise beyond taking the dog for an occassional walk. I felt huge but just wanted to eat all the time. We are trying for a 3rd at the moment and have grand plans to exercise, lay off the chocolate bullets and be aware of my weight. Hopefully this does not go out the window because i dont mind carrying abit extra it just plays havoc on my back and the wardrobe budget. P.S shocking morning sickness didnt stop me either.
im 18 weeks and i have already gained 6kg. Im stressing about it heaps because i really dont want to stack on the wight. I find it really hard to get weight off. Im so happy im not the only one gaining weight.
You've relaxed me a little. Thanks
Hi everyone

I put on 15 kgs with my first and im now 38 weeks and have put on 14 kgs so i presume it will be around the same.

I lost 9 kgs in the first 2 weeks and then had to work to get the last 6 off.

Good luck everyone and enjoy being able to eat what you want and put on wieght as its the only time in your life you have a good excuse too!!

Yvonne, Sadie 31/10/05 Jorjah 08/07/07

This is such a good thread to read!!

I put on 25kg with my first baby and still have 11kg of it 16 mths later. I gained HEAPS in the start - about 16 kg by week 20, and then really slowed down but gained another 5 in 2 weeks in the last trimester which was fluid. I think all that came off was the fluid and the baby!! I have found it impossible to lose the last 11kg. I am hoping to TTC soon, but am really scared taht i will gain heaps again. My hubby is also really worried, because while he loves the b@@bs that go with the weight gain, pregnancy was really hard on my body and he is frightened if i gain the same amount again i will get really sick. He wants me to lose at least 8kg before we start trying but it is soooo hard!! It is nice to hear other mums who have gained weight and how people have managed this. I don't feel like such a fatty failure.

Good luck to all of you with your bubs - if you can keep the weight down, fantastic, but if not - at least you get something amazing at the end of it all!!

hope you find this website helpful....

it helped me.
hey ladies
with ds i gained 42kg.. yes i read right! i lost 35 of it.. i gained a huge amount of fluid.. 2 weeks after giving birth i had dropped 15kg.. so i had to work hard at the remaining..
im 24 weeks and have gained about 11kg.. which i feel like is a lot but compared to ds's pregnancy lm not doing to bad..
if i have gained 12 so far how much do you think i'll gain in total, considering i keep the same any one have any ideas..
well im one day off 24 weeks now and have gained 15kg, man im disappointed but still have faith!! hopefully ill slow down this week lol, i have been eating badly of late and not excersising as much so i guess atleast i can blame myself lol!

god its hard, i cant believe it..i had so many hopes of being so much better this time round but honestly it doesnt seem to matter what i do, because at the start i was being so good and it made no diff!

anyway, its awesome to know im not the only one, some of us just gain in pregnancy smile

Hi,I was small and round at 5 months now not at work,and enjoying the time off and eating alot and putting on the weight!!!,which has got to be good for me,trying to eat all the good healthy foods because not use to being at home all the time.

Good luck,its good to put on weight while carrying baby.

Kim last obs appointment at 20 weeks I had only gained 4kg and it has been all baby and little fat for me. Though the past month I have craved out on chocolate so I am a little bit ify only what my weight would be next weeks for my next appointment.

Though with workwise I couldnt keep my excercise regime up since I get buggered by the end of the day and dont really get the time like I used to go to the gym 5.30am for a hour. Traffic is terrible!

But I cant wait till the end of the month when I can go swimming at least during the day to get some exercise going and relief for sciatia pain.

But girls i would not worry about weight gain much, You will lose it after bubs and if your doc was worried he/she would say something about it grin

Hope I just made sense! LOL


hi, when i found out i was pregnant i put on 5 kilos over night and 15cm on my stomach and i would have ony been 5 and half weeks along. it was like the minute i heard the word pregnant i just blow up like a balloon. i was thinking their was something wrong the docs had told me a month before that i was infertile.
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