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anyone gained as much weight as me?? Rss

oh wow mummy bean, to be told your infetile and then preg the next month, what a ride! congratulations! how far are you now?

im still steadily gaining but have given up, it doesnt seem to matter what i do, i even eat lots less and better then lots i know who gain nothing! So stuff it i say, "fatness" here i come lol smile

I am 26 weeks and 3days along. How bout your self?
im 25 weeks and 3 days, 1 week 1 day apart smile

Myrrah is so good to hear you're still around and bubs is healthy! You still look great!

I actually worked out that by 23weeks i'd put on 13kgs, but the funny thing is... i was so sick at 6 weeks, the 4kgs i'd put on in 2 weeks, i lost, plus 4 kgs more. I was 68-70kgs until 13 weeks. So in 2 months i gained 13kgs WOW now thats an effort!!!! lol. Looking at my antenatal card i could gain up to 6 kgs a month! I also went through a stage of putting on 4kgs in 3 days. They seem to think it was my thyroid disease now though... yeah thanks guys! Could of helped me out before LOL then i ended up being a 102kg monster at 38 weeks (wasnt weighted after that thank god)
Hi girls,

I put on 21 kilos with my first pregnancy. (11 of those in the last ten weeks.. opps how did that happen, the last bit was mostly fluid I think because I lost 9 on coming out of hospital a week after birth)

This time, I'm at 34 weeks, and I've put on 13 kilos, nearly 14.

Don't worry too much about the weight. Main focus is on having a healthy bubba! I've got the same OB as last time, and he said, "normal range can be anywhere between 10-15 kilos. BUT it could be more, could be less. How your kidneys and body in general cope with the extra demands of being pregnant. How much fluid you retain will also have a big impact."

Not once in nearly two entire pregnancies have I stood on a set of scales at the dr's. I keep an eye on what my weight is, and what all my measurements are as they are going up, and use that as incentive as I'm going back down. I got down to 1 kilo off my pre pregnancy weight (my measurements were still bigger though) when I fell preggers again. So I'm even less stressed this time about dropping the weight afterwards. It will come off, I just have to chip away at it bit by bit!

hey guys smile

Linkage ive never been weighed at the doctor/midwifes either, i just follow it all at home, smile I also used it as incentive last time (gained 35kg and lost 25kg of it before getting preg again

Danae, HEY! WOW your doing really well with your weight loss, 1 more kg, GO YOU! congrats smile I got up to 120kg the day before giving birth last time! I was horrified lol, alot of it was fluid, and im already puffing up this time, atleast i know i can do it though, i can get it off..cant wait for this baby to be born already lol, im impatient! its gonna be a long 15weeks haha

i have been wondering if thier is any test the doc should be doing. I keep asking him and he said we will wait a few more months(the bubby could be here in a few months). I have not been tested for diabetes i asked for a test to get done as it runs in my family. I find it a waste of time going to the docs all he does is checks my blood pressure, weighs me, pushed on my tummy then says see you in a month. i have a girlfreind that is pregnant as well her docs appointment is heaps different she has to pee in a container every time she goes is this normal???
Sorry to here about your friends losing thier baby.
I have been worried throughout my pregnancy as i have a friend at work that lost three babies in two months. Everything was fine went to her three month scan and they could not find the heart beat. My mum also suffered from misscarriages.
I have noticed in the mornings that i am getting up and am really puffy in the feet and hands i am unable to put my feet in my shoes anyone have any suggetions that could relive the pressure in my feet.
I have asked my boss if i can cut my hours back as i am working 7 days a week starting at 6.30 in the morning to cook breakfast, do reception and get housekeepers organised for the day and much more leave at about 4 then most nights have to come back and waitress.
I am hoping to get the keys to my house on Monday or Tuesday i have been building for 18 months now starting to get very anxious. I rang the building compnay and asked if they could make sure the house was done before the baby arrives. Keeping fingers crossed.
Hope everyone is well and had a good weekend.( as best as we can seeing as we get very little sleep)
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